Location: Pinto Art Museum
Special thanks: The #WeCanWeekend Crew

Last weekend’s scheduled hike turned to a photo walk at the hottest museum in town. The We Can Weekend crew paid a visit to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo for a change, where we immersed ourselves into contemporary art. Some of the pieces were familiar to me (I’ve encountered them at the Art Fair 2015), and seeing them again made me giggle. It felt like reuniting with an old acquaintance, and now that we’ve met for the second time, it’s as if we’re instantly friends.

I honestly like and love the outcome of this set, although the photos are clean and simple, there were a lot of subjects to focus on. Ian and I personally liked the architecture of the museum — it actually reminded me so much of the structures in Westeros! I saw Dorne, King’s Landing and Highgarden for some reason. I imagined Cersei in her trademark red off-shouldered gown in one of the halls, Prince Doran Martell looking at the garden from the veranda, and Olenna Tyrell drinking tea in one of the cafes. I don’t know if anyone will agree or it’s just really my head that can’t get enough of the series.

I enjoyed this photo walk so much, I like to believe that I achieved the shots that I was aiming for. There’s still so much to learn, but practice makes perfect! I also like to mention that I didn’t feel shy when I was taking the shots! Well I know that everyone’s going to take photos so there’s no reason to be shy which is why this can’t be recognized as an improvement, lol. But seriously though, this made me see the difference between putting it all out and restricting yourself (or myself for that matter). So yeah, it’s still about just doing it without any care in the world.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

10 replies on “White Washed

  1. Hi Yshy! Great photos! Really loving the feel of this set. :) I agree, being unrestricted results to better photos. Sometimes I end up rushing a shot and more often than not, it comes out bad. So super wasted, might as well have took my time to get the one I wanted. =/

  2. Great photos! Super loved the place when we went there although I wish there weren’t as many people as there was. Hahaha. But still an A+ experience!

    1. Thank you Clarisse! I love the all white theme! We got trapped because rain fell hard. Haha! But I observed that it’s nice to go there early in the morning so there’s lesser people :)

  3. Your photos are the bomb! I want, no slash that, NEED to go to Pinto Art Museum soon. All the blogs I’ve been visiting lately have lovely photos and posts about it!

    1. Aww thank you so much, Rej! I’m kilig, lol. The place is really awesome and you will love it there, most especially if you’re into art :)

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