Location: Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Anilao, Batangas
Special thanks: The #WeCanWeekend Crew

The long overdue hike to the south finally happened last Saturday, and it was nice to wear our sandals once again! I also realized that it was the third summit I’ve reached, and my seventh destination for the year! Wow, the travel goals I’ve set for myself are being achieved, I can’t believe it!

Anyway, just a bit of story to tell: even when the crew was already at Philpan Dive Center (sort of the base camp), the hike almost got postponed due to the heavy rain. It would have been very disheartening because we spent four hours on the road and all we would do was have lunch. Of course we didn’t want to just flush our efforts away, so we pushed through nonetheless.

It’s surprising how the road to the starting point was more of a challenge than the trek itself, but the mud was a major concern. I almost thought of not wanting to go down because the ground was all wet and slippery. We reached the peaks (the mountain has three) before sunset, and we had ample time to take photos (which was our primary motivator) and appreciate the beauty of the pig’s spine. The site’s vast space makes it camping-friendly — I actually imagined Heidi, girl of the Alps running around along with the cows!

We later on found out that vehicles can pass through and you can seriously reach the peaks without trekking at all. It felt like a joke but at least we can take pride that we did!

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2 replies on “7/12: Mt. Gulugod Baboy

  1. Your photos are so so gorgeous! I might use one as my desktop wallpaper if you don’t mind ^^
    This place also looks so beautiful! I wish we had nature like this in the Netherlands :)

    x Val

    1. Aww thanks Val!! It would be an honor to have you used one of the photos I took as your desktop wallpaper! Well to be fair, Netherlands has really awesome structures! :) Mwah!

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