I literally spent the whole Sunday on my bed — browsing feeds, editing photos and [supposedly] thinking (I’ll elaborate more on this when I finally gathered my thoughts). I also took the opportunity to catch up on NCAA, and I’m passionately happy about the Knights’ performance. Plus, our new head coach Aldin Ayo (aside from being effortlessly nice to look at) is really doing a great job! Arriba! I wish I’d be able to watch one of the team’s next games, with my friend Glenn who is equally die hard as I am. Haha!

None, I’m enjoying the air that is being produced by the fan in front of me while listening to my favorite playlist!

Haven’t gotten the chance yet. One of these days, hopefully!

Bahamas’ All The Time. I love this song — it’s so soothing I feel like I’m being swayed on a hammock whilst sipping on a bottle of Johna’s!

Pretending. Told you I already did, long enough.

Monday, and it never felt this good! HAHA 1000x

I wish that days would go by as fast as they could, never mind what they bring! Give them to momma!

My white shirt that says “Young & Free” and a pair of black floral shorts. What a coincidence, what a good omen!


I need to calm all these positive energy down. Haha!

Lightweight! Whew! Conquered my third mountain yesterday! The photo above was taken from one of its peaks, and I’ll tell you more about it on a separate entry.

Spotify and ABSCBN Sports!

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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