We have so much catching up to do, internet. Not that I’m implying that you’re interested with what’s going on with my life, I’m #justsaying. So anyway, the past few weeks have been very busy which is why there were no trips with the We Can Weekend crew and for the first time in 42 weeks, I missed TSC. I’m happy to declare at this moment though that there’s more time for me to do my stuff again — my latest campaign just finished airing and the biggest media presentation of our group for the year has been aced.

And well..

My agency life has also ended.

I’m still trying to digest it because almost half a decade isn’t a short time, and well, a part of me is wishing that today is still one of my remaining days at my agency. And also, I find using the past tense weird because duh, the last time I stepped onto the carpets of 25th floor was just Friday, which is just like any normal weekend. Except that it’s not.

After five years, I will no longer walk the streets of Ayala after work, no more dinner-outs, mall-hoppings (but this is definitely in my hands so this may or may not happen haha) on a weeknight (not to mention the Viber messages, e-mails, late night calls and SMS on weekends and holidays) and so much more. I can’t believe these would all be possible at one point — because how can you ever think of leaving when you’re at a good place?

It’s such a good place that I think it’s impossible for other places to match its goodness. Not saying that it’s perfect though (because it’s not), but it’s exactly why. And it’s also exactly why it was hard to make the decision. I had a love-hate relationship with myself in between those days when I was rendering my last days, honestly. I was thinking about it over and over, because dude, (aside from all the other good things) how can it be easy to leave a company that doesn’t care about you reporting at 10:30 when you’re supposed to clock in by 9?

And the people? They’re the best workmates ever! Which is why even if I should’ve watched my spending the last few days (salary was supposed to be on hold), I made the most out of every hang-out opportunity with each of them! None of these were planned but it turned out to be a countdown to my last day!

August 28 – Tin’s Buffalo Wings Challenge


August 29 – Working weekend, dinner and dessert at Kapitolyo

August 31 – Working holiday, dinner at Garahe

September 2 – Dinner at El Chupacabra

September 3 – Dessert time with Tin and Anne

September 7 – Lunch out

September 8 – #Yshpedida

Thank you so much guys for preparing an Instagram-themed send-off party for me! Even though I was sweating the whole time because my selfies were posted on the wall for everyone to see (and thinking about how they were printed stressed me), I appreciate it! The hashtag was witty, too!

Also, I haven’t mentioned how I loved the food that were served — siomai, squid balls, quail eggs, kikiam, palitaw, lumpia and sago’t gulaman — these are all my favorites!! I know it’s all you, Anniegirl! Kisses!

Your company has always been one of the strongest reasons why I was able to stick around for this long and I will be forever thankful that you’re the ones whom I have worked with. Thank you for all the fun times, you guys!

I will definitely miss everything about you all — the non-stop snacking, afternoon movie marathons during office hours (sssshh!), AlDub obsessions and many more. But I know you will miss me too, my bitchiness most especially! Haha! Well like what I said, there are no goodbyes (you know I love dinner outs and everything else that involves food), just see you around! Which means.. Tomorrow? Lol, love you bitches!

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8 replies on “Last 40 Days

  1. Such thoughtful (ex) officemates! Whatever’s in store for you in the next days, weeks, or months, I only wish all the best for you, Ysh! Get some sleep!!! I feel like you’ve been so busy and tired for the past weeks. You need to catch up on that! x

  2. This is such a nice despidida party. Your co workers/ friends are so nice to throw you a really good one. :) Now it must be really hard and you might miss them but goodbye sometimes mean growing. Good luck Yshy!

  3. Your ex-officemates are so sweet! Love the hashtag and the food trip, of course! Best of luck on your next endeavour, I really admire you for being strong enough to let go of something good as you go after something better. :)


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