I’ve never really paid much attention to this mercury retrograde thing, until recently, when I had to literally deal with, well.. mercury. As some of you may know, I quit my job at the media agency and thank God I didn’t have to bum and stress myself thinking about where to get payment for my bills. So I had my first week which went fine but come Friday afternoon (September 18), my denim jacket was suddenly not enough to beat the coldness of the new office which resulted to my body temperature rising up to 40.3°C. This hurt my ego a little, because considering that my system the past years wasn’t at all ideal — I sleep at 3AM on a normal day, sometimes not; I go out to dine every night, I travel almost every weekend and I was always in motion every time I’m at the office — you see, I was physically, mentally [and emotionally] exhausted yet I never really gotten sick. If I did, the most that I got were cough and colds.

I suffered with fever that whole weekend, and I tried to get up and bathe myself early Monday morning (5:30AM to be exact and to emphasize how much change I’m trying to embrace haha). I got out of the house and fell in line to the shuttle just like I always do, but half an hour later I started to feel like there’s something weird with my sense of taste and so I just decided to go back home because I knew that even if I made it to Ortigas, I wouldn’t have made it to the office. I never really do SLs, (most especially when I’m not entitled lol, and it’s just not in my system) but I had to. The fever was crazy about going up and down until Tuesday that I had to go to the doctor because rashes started coming out! I instantly thought it was German measles but when it didn’t go all over my body, dengue came into the picture. My doctor asked me to take CBC, urinalysis and dengue tests, and I was lucky that I was negative to dengue but my platelet count was down so I had to take medications other than Bioflu. Two days after, I was asked to take another CBC test to see if there was any improvement given that I was taking meds already, and to my surprise my platelet count declined even more. The normal count should be between 150-450, my first test said I had 138 (short of just 11) and my second said I had 95! I was asked to take another test, and if count goes lower than 90, I would be admitted. I couldn’t afford to be because I was already on SL for the whole week (it was already Saturday – September 26), plus I didn’t have a health card yet. Haha! I upped my Vitamin C and water intake, and ate all the papaya I could eat that night! Fortunately, efforts worked and my platelet count increased to 175! I went back to work on Monday.

Given that I wasn’t able to come to work for one week, I won’t be having a complete pay-out this coming payday which saddens me because this means I still won’t be licensed to buy whatever. Ha!

I entitled this post (or more of a blab) as such because I felt like it’s linked to all that has happened to me lately. I haven’t mentioned everything (feelings, realizations, thoughts, etc.) but I believe I will have to construct another entry for that when I get my feet back on track! You see, I haven’t blogged for three weeks, and you know I’ve been avoiding to do hiatuses to achieve ROI for this site (in terms of frequency of posts). All I’m saying is that this entry can’t represent my being for the past few weeks — this is all factual and pretty much constructed to say hi to everyone!

Going back to what I was really saying, upon reading I found out that the recent turn of events in my life fell under the last Mercury retrograde for this year, which is interesting. The planet Mercury speeds past Earth three to four times a year, and that’s when we experience the retrograde. I still really don’t get why it has something to do with making life decisions and everything else. Well based on what I’ve read, Mercury rules all types of communication, formal contracts and agreements and so on. Oh wait, I just signed one.. Fuck. I’m screwed, am I??

Also, I’ve been trying to crack the relevance of the featured photo to this post but it’s kind of really lost I have to admit. Maybe I could try harder by saying that it depicts myself feeling physically better than last week? Haha!

How are you, guys?

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