On one of those days when I was house arrested due to a viral infection and low platelet count, I recorded my 33,407th version of Lisa Loeb’s Stay. Of course that was an exaggeration but I kid you not when I say that the number might actually be accurate. I’ve been singing this song my whole life, and it’s one of the songs that I learned to sing, actually. It just never gets old, and I don’t think the time when this track will get deleted from my staple songs to sing in the karaoke will ever come.

Let me just gain more experiences in the coming days, because I’ve become so boring (huhu), and so lola lately! I’m waiting for my crew’s go signal as to when we will be having our next We Can Weekend trip, and I promise I will be posting immediately when the trip has happened.

For now, this cover will have to sub the normal post for this week. This version is not perfect in any way but I hope you guys won’t throw tomatoes at me! Hehhh

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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