Someone’s back from an involuntary break! What’s up, TSC buddies? I mentioned in my last post that I got really sick for more than a week (I swear it’s the worst sickness I ever had in my entire teen and adult life combined!) which is why the consistent streak that I tried to maintain was broken. So sad. Well I’m back now and resuming from where I left off. Welcome to the 42nd edition of The Sunday Currently!

Glad to say that today, I re-opened one of the paperbacks that have been long sitting on my shelves! I’m on the first chapter of This Is What Happy Looks Like.. Again. Hey at least I’m trying!

As of this moment, none. But I will be resurrecting my Daykeeper in a while. Wouldn’t want to waste the last quarter!

My playlist is currently playing Coldplay’s Magic

About the e-mail I just sent to the publishing house. But then I must change and just keep calm and carry on. Girl, you’ll face work tomorrow anyway! Plus it’s still the weekend.

Hmm none

Can payday come any faster???

A red shirt and a pair of navy blue shorts

Hmm nothing else comes to mind other than my family, the boyf and friends. Wow dreme!

Money, please.

I badly want to have lunch outs at the mall again haha

Lazy. I’m even holding my pee because I’m currently laying down while writing this via the app on my phone. That’s how lazy I am!


*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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  1. Ah, I love your blog! Hi, I just got here searching TSC posts haha. Nothing’s fishy about this blog but everything’s absolutely clean and pretty! Hihi I hope I don’t sound creepy but I’ll be visiting often. Greetings from Davao :)

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