I can’t believe the weekend is almost over!! God knows how much I’ve waited for this, huhu. I have two out of office businesses this coming week though, and that’s kind of a good thing. Although it will be physically tiring I can tell, but at least there’s an opportunity to breathe in fresh air!

Can I just say – Scream Queens is the new Mean Girls! Emma Roberts as Chanel is such an adorable bitch! I love her!

Also, I hope you did notice the effort I exerted in setting up my blogger-ish “work space” just to take a decent featured photo. Does this one pass?

This is What Happy Looks Like – I’m still on the same page! Yikes!

Nothing. Just this volume and I’m doing it via the iPhone app!

Hate to Say I Told You So – The Hives

I’m thinking crazy! My dreams these past two consecutive nights were very weird. Well not in a way that the scenes were out of this world, they were imaginable, with all fairness. Someone shed tears because of a real thing, and some team-up happened but it wasn’t authentic because the authentic version is in real life. I mean, dream, try harder.


I wish I get a phone call again soon, pretty please?

A black shirt and a pair of floral shorts

That I’m financially surviving despite the fact that I haven’t gotten pay-outs the past two cut-offs?

Money, money, money!

Hmm I can’t think of any. Maybe a phone case?



*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddhathornton.

Before I end this, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Bloggys 2015! It’s a nationwide blog awarding event, a.k.a. the Philippine Blogging Awards. By some miracle, my humble blog has been nominated (this makes me wonder, but you guys dropping by and taking the time to read my blurbs is definitely one of the reasons, and I’m very thankful for that! <3) and if there’s a possibility that you will vote for Something Yshy under the People’s Choice category, here’s how:

Go to Bloggys.ph

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Click Vote Now, select Section 4: Blogs starting from letters P-S

You can vote for multiple blogs, but you can only vote once per section.


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  1. Your photo passed! I just can never take a “blog-worthy” shot of my room, bed, etc. Haha! I also love Scream Queens – I loved Emma being bitchy since AHS! ;)

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