It’s the commute that stresses me first thing with my new job, then the working hours. But as I’ve said to a friend, I need to man up and be matured enough because if you come to think of it, they’re pretty manageable. My concerns are nothing compared to what other people are enduring, so life must go on.

Anyway, after 5,000 years, Ian and I were finally able to go out again on a weekend! I can’t remember the last time we spent a whole day together, which is why yesterday’s date was highly anticipated. I hope ourselves being on the featured photo explains it well. Haha! Even with the threat of a strong typhoon, we still pushed it! I missed my boy so much!

This is What Happy Looks Like

This volume, 43

Let It Go, The Neighbourhood

How the HR management of my new company handles bad weathers?


You got that right. I wish we got no work tomorrow! I’m not in the mood and the fact that the area near our office is flooded discourages me even more :/

My purple Snoopy sleepwear and a pair of pink floral shorts

I love my new phone case!!! I finally bought the Capella in Azalea Pink and it’s soooo pretty! It sure is because it’s expensive! Haha! But no regrets because I’ve been eyeing it for a while now, and I’m sure that it’s of good quality. The bad thing though is that buying this case reignited my addiction for phone cases and now I want to buy more, more and more! Also, it failed my pledge but at least I was able to resist for two months?

I also love that my bills are paid! I just have to watch my spending again but at least!

Thank God for paydays!! Woohoo!

Well I need to sleep? In case the HR won’t be as merciful as I hope them to be?

I want to just stay in tomorrow!!!!

I feel so lazyyyy

Spotify, iMessage

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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