I never really intended to undergo yet another hiatus, but a lot has been going on lately — with work, most especially, because it’s Q4, meaning the holiday (and slash) party season has started! So, events. Also, I live far, far away and the very bad traffic (plus the couple of hours spent falling in line to the shuttle) eats up most of my time, which is why I’m always knocked down to sleep whenever and wherever I can. Oh my god, my commuter life really does seem so pitiful. Which is in fact, true.

Anyway, I’ve been missing my un-templated posts so I’m just gonna share something spontaneous. Setting aside TSC for now!

My whereabouts lately involve my physical strength which is why I’m wondering why I haven’t lost weight yet. Haha! I now take the terrible MRT every night, but I’m thankful that I go southbound which is the lesser evil, compared to the way northbound. Since I still drop by Makati everyday, I have the tendency to miss my former office mates and it still feels weird that I don’t see their faces anymore. So I call them every once in a while and force them to have dinner with me!

One of those random nights with Anniegurl and Tin

I wasn’t able to include my hard-earned photos with the beloved Letran Knights Basketball Team in my previous entry (thank you to everyone who read that super long post, and kisses to those who sent me private messages and gave me the kindest words!), probably because they’re grainy but whatever I’m sharing them now! My friend Nestle (yup, that’s really her name) and I patiently waited for our turns and literally ran after them to have these photos taken! I still cry whenever I remember everything they did just so we (the die-hard Letran community) could taste a championship! Though I’m a bit sad because they will no longer play ball as the Knights, I’m very happy that they’re advancing to the pros and they truly deserve their spots!

Getting silly with the Ant Man!

How do you define a fan?

K-racs baby!!

I swear that was me right beside him. Babyyyyyyy!!!!!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you must have witnessed how crazy I’ve become for Coach Aldin! I truly admire him — his looks first and foremost (Biceps, abs – don’t you?!), the fact that he’s a Philosophy graduate, juggles a lot of things outside basketball (he’s also a councilor, btw!) and his spirituality. So anyway, on that bonfire night, Ian and I saw him driving his Mustang on his way to school and everyone’s screaming, grabbing the opportunity to take a photo with him while his windows were down and I was like, “WHATCHUGONWHATCHUGONNADOWITHDATDESSERT?!?” I went doe-eyed and remained speechless until I saw him driving in. So when I saw him again inside, Ian pushed me to finally do what I gotta do!

This was the most pleasant shot out of around eight so I just had to double! No actually, I just never do 3:4’s

And then the week after that was my first event as some sort of a marketing person (well yeah, media is marketing but I mean the word marketing being part of my designation lelz). If you’ve heard about the Mad Fest then I guess we made a pretty good job? So that was a gathering of different local performers and when we say that, even if I wasn’t part of the organizing team I would know who to expect!

Our very first group photo!!

And then the second, hrrrr

Well, we have this little perk called being-allowed-to-enter-the-artists-tent, and we plotted how we’re going to attack the dudes below prior the event, while looking at the program flow and the floor plan. I can say that we’re good at executing the plan so these happened:

Guess who?!

OMGOMG, I’ve been wanting to have this opportunity for so long and it never came until they were reported to have disbanded and they did their last concert together but here I was with Gab on that night of November 7!!! So freaking happy!! Featured photo above was taken while they’re playing their set, btw!

The Diaz’s baby boy turned one this month, and before the real celebration that was yesterday, we had dinner on his actual first birthday! Time really does run so fast! Also, Ian and I turned 7.2 that night! <3

Fresh from last night’s gathering, these photos taken with my most favorite people in the world top the list! I’ve lost count of how many we’ve taken together — I couldn’t even remember the places we’ve been to because there’s just too many, but every new moment spent with them is always something that I look forward to. It’s amazing to know that our circle is huge (I’m talking about more than 35 people) yet we’re solid with no spaces, which only proves how unbreakable our foundation is. I’ll always be lucky to have met these people, and to be honest, if not for them, I wouldn’t really know what friendship really means. I wouldn’t trade these guys for anything, in fact, I’ll trade anything for them!

Though it’s stressful to think about getting to and from work tomorrow, I’m still feeling positive because at least it’s going to be a three-day work week! Well four in my case but at least one day is dedicated to movie screenings alone! How about seeing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 thrice??

And oh, what happened to me in September (see Mercury Retrograde) is happening to Ian now! What is the matter, RBC and WBC?? Crossing fingers that he and his sister (who on the other hand is positive to dengue) are going to be okay soon!

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