I still enjoy sharing stories about the week that was, which is why you’re still bearing the absence of my TSC posts. News Feeds were filled with so much feels (that sounded like a tongue twister hehh) involving the country — from Alma Moreno catching everyone’s attention because of her infamous POVs regarding Political Dynasties, Women’s Rights and RH Bill, to the recently concluded APEC Summit that strengthened the ties of the Philippines with other countries but made every Filipino commuter’s life miserable.

Anyway, before I attract negativity (which I don’t want to happen here as much as possible, because Twitter is my desired platform for that – which makes it my favorite SNS, Instagram second. Hmm they take turns on being the first spot, actually), I’ll just share how the Alma Moreno/APEC week went for me!

The start of the week was quite overwhelming — first, I was late on a Monday (shuttle took too long to arrived probably because of the APEC, what else could it be?), had alignment meetings regarding upcoming programs and events and did overtime to finish another deck for a presentation the next day. I visited Ian and his sister Kriszelle at the hospital right after work because they were both diagnosed with dengue for real! Their platelets went as low as 27, which was intense! The good thing though was that they didn’t appear too weak and fragile despite their conditions. Also, I was surprisingly spared from the APEC traffic when I was on the way home but it was freaking past midnight already, I didn’t think it was valid to get caught in traffic?

Though I was still worrying about how to deal with traffic (and the work lined up for the day), I was looking forward to Tuesday in a way because I was supposed to have a presentation outside (shortened stay at the office yeah, the reason why I love OBs!). I went straight to Makati (because ssshh, I was so tired the other night didn’t able to get up right!) and waited for my senior at a coffee shop. To our surprise, the meeting got cancelled which gave way to a girls’ day out! Haha! She also had the brilliant idea of strolling around the mall on our own while we wait for the first advanced screening of Mockingjay Part 2 that I would watch thrice in the same week (because Trade Marketing duties). I then had the chance to have a quick meet-up with Ate Mina my love!

Satisfied our week-long pork bun cravings!
Almost got this pair but I will come back for yaaah!
I still get emotional whenever I see any of my former team mates! Haha, I love them like a real family and if and only if.. Ahhh, the hugs and kisses are always so real! **PS – Blurry and two, because no to 3:4s!

Wednesday was a declared holiday but I still had to go out because there were still two screenings left in my list for the week. I went to the hospital first to check on Ian and glad that he was feeling better. I re-watched the movie (Mockingjay Part 2) with Koalat, and had the usual life session under a Starbucks patio umbrella!

We were able to take self-we’s this time!
Java Chip + Holiday Drink = Koalat Life

Come Friday, it was me and Monica again (at her house this time, because we’re college baes LOL) to work on another presentation. We had lunch first, and then I went to Ian’s (he was finally discharged from the hospital!) after because I didn’t want to drag him outside right away. The guy was persistent with going out so we dined out but just near their place.

Lunch at Sweet Ecstacy
Dinner at Rub

I was supposed to just stay home on Saturday because I was getting physically tired of all the happenings but I had a sudden appointment at QC in the afternoon so I went out. Glad that Ian could already come with me! We met up with my friends Mily and Glenn in Trinoma and headed to Tiendesitas for our other friend’s son’s first birthday party!

I’m so fortunate for not being able to experience the horrible APEC traffic! Of course I got really, really tired because I had a lot of whereabouts but I got lucky! Also, I’m looking forward to next Friday because I’ll get to be with my college friends and barkada again!!

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