Aaaahhh!! Time really does run by so fast! We’re saying goodbye to 2015 in half an hour, and I’m rushing this year-ender entry so I’ll be able to hit the Publish button right before the clock strikes 12, and the digits change to 2016. Since I only have 30 minutes to do this, I’ll just give a quick rundown of the highlights of the year that’s about to be “was”!


2015 was a year of travel for me. I did say that part of my goals was to go on at least one trip every month so by the end of the year I would’ve been to 12 different destinations. Well I didn’t reach the number but I’m proud to say that I achieved more than half and it ain’t bad at all!

The first quarter of the year was spent at the beautiful beaches of our country, and well, I did not just sit and slack, me and my friends who were with me in these trips did all the possible activities we can do!

And then there were mountains that we climbed, caves that we hiked and rivers that we crossed.



It has been a roller coaster ride for my career. The year kicked me off with uncertainty — I had to deal with the pain of being left alone and figuring things out on my own but I unexpectedly made it through. I’ve met new people along the way, and they welcomed me into their arms as if I’m their own. And even if it was just a short while, I’ve learned a lot and the knowledge that they imparted to me is one of the strongest weapons that I bring with me every working day. A part of me still wishes that we could’ve shared more presentations and campaigns together, but please know that what we had will always be one of the deepest working relationships I will ever have. I can’t thank you enough, really, and I miss you everyday.

Quitting my job and ending my agency life was the biggest move I made this year (9 months short to half a decade man, and the most competitive and capable individuals were what I’ve left behind, not to mention the Ayala life lelz) but even though I miss it like crazy (my system still searches for “that” restlessness and fulfillment media planning and buying is only capable of providing), I’m thrilled to be now working at the other side of the industry (for the company that I once kid to be working for next, and it really did happen) and to be part of a new team that’s exceeding expectations. So cheers to my new office siblings, our real journey will now begin!



What can I say, we’re getting stronger and stronger! 2015 was a walk in the park with countless trips to buffet tables! We’ve had our fair share of individual struggles but having each other on our sides made it all bearable. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this one holding my hand every step of the way. I still feel ecstatic whenever I look back at how we started — you know, dealing with the unfathomable, making the impossible possible and more drama anyone could ever imagine. But seven years have passed, and the only challenge left is my mom (LOL, and our fats) but [almost] New Year’s Eve was spent here at home so I guess we’re going to get good at this this 2016! Hah!


Happy New Year!!


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9 replies on “2015: Year in Review

    1. There were ups and downs, but it still turned out to be a blessed year. This 2016, I’m crossing my fingers to make it big in the spending part, like you! Happy New Year Rich! :)

  1. Aww, Boracay! First out-of-town trip with you, Twinny! Let’s go back there please, mas maayos na planning para di tayo matulog by the beach! :))

  2. Aww, Boracay! Let’s go back here much more prepared so we won’t sleep by the beach! Hahaha! Happy New Year, Twinny!

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