I’ve been itching to craft a post dedicated to the Christmas lunches, dinners and hang-outs I had since last week but as I’ve mentioned in the recent TSC, I was having second thoughts about whether I’d do the talking in batches or wait until the month is over and publish a consolidated entry. Consolidated. Ew! In the end, I decided to do the latter but since I still have upcoming dinners this week, I will just update this entry from time to time.

December 9

The festivities started a bit early this year! The #WeCanWeekend crew (incomplete but with plus two recruits) had a planning session for 2016 wherein we determined our destinations and schedules for next year!

The #WeCanWeekend crew + Donna & Venz

December 10

My new team at my new office had our very first Christmas dinner, and what a coincidence that we had itat Brotzeit, the same restaurant where my former team mates in my former office also had our Christmas dinner last year. What another coincidence it was that we also kind of talked about the same thing! Maybe I should skip having dinners at Brotzeit next Christmas, noh?

TMT: Arlene, me, Monica & JM

December 11

This has been one of the many Christmas dinners that I anticipated the most! I love that my college block mates (Glenn, Nestle, Uche + Chris and Mily *not in photos) have been reuniting a lot lately, although it would be more fun if we could gather more of our peeps but it’s a good start! Hah, there are no dull moments with these crazies!

December 12

The next night was a dinner with the ultimate college barkada! Our circle is so big and the faces you see on the photos below are just half of the whole gang! As always, the night was filled with non-stop laughs, no holds barred trash talking and overflowing selfies! A lot of people look up to a bunch of #SquadGoals, but I already achieved mine with these dudes! Love them to bits!!

This is probably the most pa-PDA pose Ian and I did on a photo posted publicly ever, and he’s hiding my big fat tummy how sweet!

December 19

Ian and I have this yearly tradition where we declare what we want to receive for the holidays and then we exchange on our own Christmas Party at a restaurant we would mutually agree on. Everything was going okay except on the day itself, because rain fell really hard as there was another storm within PAR at the time. I couldn’t comprehend what were up with our minds that made us decide to push through given the weather condition. I was shaking my head the whole time I was on the way to Makati — I was wet all over, had to walk the overpass in EDSA Pasay, and I didn’t get to wear my supposedly planned OOTD for that day. I was forced to wear a plain tee, a bomber jacket, a pair of shorts and flip-flops. Rawr.

December 20

The other half of our cousins living in Sydney came home for the holidays, so we met up on a Sunday which also happens to be family day! Lelz.

King, me, Dianne, Dave and Grace

December 21

The long overdue airing of this dinner finally happened on the last working day of these agency girls (huhu, can’t believe I no longer belong! Huhu because FOMO). In Bae Chelo’s words, “After several bumped offs, cancellations and transfers. It finally aired!” Missed these ladies who utter the most intense bad words you could hear! LOL

Patty, Ysa, Talyn, me and Chelo. HASHTAG MOMENT OF NOTE.

December 23

Our office Christmas Party was held on the last working day before Christmas break. We had an early off at 2PM and the party was scheduled at 6PM, so I went to BGC and met up with Ian for lunch first. I did my usual holiday bookstore visit (which coincidentally happens often at High Street), and then had an afternoon drink with Ian at a cafe which is not Starbucks. I went to the party and surprisingly won 10K (a first from the history of Christmas parties I’ve attended) given that my coupon entry was thrown into the fish bowl a few minutes before the draw by my team mate Ate Arlene, and not me! See, it’s not me who’s lucky! Haha! I was so shocked because I never expected to win because I really never do, but very happy because moolah!! I’ve yet to receive it but yay to new footsies and clothes! LOL. Ian fetched me in Makati after and we had McDonald’s to cap off the night!

TMT minus Monica plus Ziggy

December 25

The annual gathering of the De Villa clan was extra crazy this year as our relatives from Aussie celebrated with us! It was cool that there were added faces in our selfies to post and tag our aunts and uncles with! Haha!


How about you, how did you spend your holidays?

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