As I try hard to bring myself into the “contemplating and being personal” game I’ve set as my agenda for this rest weekend (finally, my restless self!) — I’ve been forcing my mind to get it on but it’s still all over the place as of this moment — I’m again shamelessly sharing another record featuring my voice singing to Freestyle’s classic So Slow, just for fun.

Merely for the sake of pressing the Publish button, actually.

Anyway, the song was one of my jams back in high school, along with Close, The Day You Said Goodnight, Let Me Be The One, Ikaw Lamang and many more. Aaaahh, those were the glory days of OPM — I never really paid much attention to foreign music back then, because why would I need to look anywhere else? We’ve got pretty good music releases almost every week, and every band gets the right exposure. And oh, school concerts were the coolest!

I wish the bigness will come back, and Filipino artists top the charts again. Long live OPM!

Posted by:Yshy

I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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