I was to write about something serious (or at least something that would require me to think) but then I ended up getting distracted by a lot of stuff on the internet. Unfortunately, I remember not a single thing I looked into since last night. Aside from that, I was left insecure by a handful of talented, creative and smart human beings (still on the internet) and I now feel that I’m getting thirsty for me times and being sort of anti-social again because I need to focus with my life so I can also crack the reason for my existence, like them. LOL.

Oh there, I couldn’t come up with anything so I welcome you to the 45th edition of The Sunday Currently!

Nothing. Maybe This is What Happy Looks Like and me are not meant to become friends?

This volume, heh. Hello there!

Goodbye, Who is Fancy

Ian and I are having a realignment regarding this year’s Christmas Party! We still don’t know where to do it!

Ugh, I suddenly got colds and I don’t know how I got it because I’ve been home the whole weekend! I finally had the chance to stay in but two days are not enough!

That I would have the time to drop by my previous office early this week because I need to. Okay no I’m not wishing it, I need it. LOL

An all black pambahay ensemble: official Pacquiao shirt back in 2012 and a pair of black floral shorts

Iannymous, new team at work, former office mates turned coffee drinking buddies, frequent day and night outs with my college block mates and barkada, the red cups that wake me up every morning, and this nice playlist I’m listening to

As mentioned, I need to drop by The Enterprise Center early this week. *wink!

To stretch the night just so I can start working on this typography thing my friend asked me to do for her, hence my pens and my blank notebook on the featured photo above

The Holidays!!! It’s freaking herrrrrrre my favorite time of the year!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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