[3:23 PM, December 29]

I crossed my fingers that the trip to 9th Avenue wouldn’t be as quick as how it took. But then I already knew that it’s gonna be a short waiting game since we were dismissed by two and Ian will finish at around four. So here I am, sitting on a marble bench in front of a burger chain because I couldn’t help looking at the gelato kiosk situated in the middle of High Street.

[1:56 AM, December 30]

Then I saw Ian from afar, in his navy blue long sleeves, pale yellow pants and a pair of Vans.

Which is why I never got to go on with this post.

I also couldn’t figure out where I was sitting earlier — I called it stool at first but I knew that it wasn’t a stool at all. Ian told me it was a bench and indeed it was! So I did say it was a marble bench.

I had to save this post as a draft because we had to walk back to Typo to finally get the 2016 Planner. I got black although I considered the light pink, since the theme of the planner was quite mature.

[12:42 AM, December 31]

I was hoping to hit the Publish button last night but the next thing I know was that it’s already noon of Wednesday, and the post was still undone. I felt a little relieved though, for I was able to sleep for as long as I wanted and that we were already having lunch.

Mom was bragging about how she organized our shoe shelf earlier today. The pairs I bought for each of us got her excited, and she was such in a good mood I impulsively asked to go out with my sister. We did late in the afternoon, and it was cool that the trip going to Makati was smooth.

I brought my sister to the stall where I’ve been getting all the flat shoes I’ve been bringing home these past few weeks. I was to get another one but the style that I wanted was already out of stock, so we checked out the stall beside it instead. The seller was an old man (I’m guessing he’s at his 70s) and I was touched by his smile in an instant. I asked questions about his items, and he said that he was selling the leather shoulder bags for an original price of PHP350. But because it’s the last day of the bazaar, he’s selling it for a cheaper price of PHP250. The bags were so nice that even the original price is still relatively cheap! I bought two, and I wish that I could afford more. I hope he sold more items, that he was able to go home safely and that he’s now sleeping soundly. He deserves a good rest!

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