Got to tick one from my dream list (bucket just feels so mainstream lol) last weekend and it’s to fly to Cebu for Sinulog! It was a work thing though, which is why it feels illegitimate and 50/50. I would’ve wanted to come with Ian of course, do side trips to one or two of the many islands of the province making waves on Instagram these days and spend more time with my high school batch mates but I guess they are why I would’ve to book my third flight to the beautiful Queen City soonest!

It felt like I was travelling alone because I was seated next to a random person and thank you heavens for placing me at seat 68K, I was able to snap this cliche plane photo!

We landed in Cebu at around 8 in the morning, and it was nice to be back! The city has changed a lot, and it felt like I was still in Manila! Unfortunately, the traffic resembles what we have here, too.

Had breakfast at Ayala Center first before heading to the hotel (we stayed at Cebu Parklane International Hotel) which was adjacent to the mall so it was convenient, we could just go any time we want!

View from the hotel window

And then we had lechon of course, for lunch which never failed our taste buds because it’s the best ever!!

Photo courtesy of my bae Felice

We drove around South Road and dropped by the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod and checked out the newly opened SM in Seaside. The chapel has beautiful architecture and I wish I took more photos but I was kind of shy because I was with office mates.

Caught the pantone sky at SRP!

We went back to the city and tried to squeeze in ourselves at the Magellan’s cross but we didn’t get to take a lot of photos because there were too many people praying at the Santo Nino.



We had dinner at Casa Verde (which unfortunately I don’t have photos of *cry) but the ribs were really good and the price was cheap! Well I tried the branch in UP Town but well, it’s not legit when it’s not the original! We had a good dinner, our driver was very kind and his stories were interesting! I was watching him the whole time and I could tell that he’s such a good heart. He brought us to what they call “Tops” after and oh my gosh, it was so breathtaking!


Aaahh, Griffith Observatory feels!!

It was almost midnight and I wish I was really with Ian! I even told Felice that Pinto Art Museum is now bumped-off from my eyes because Tops is the new place to be. Hahaha.

The next day was the big day! It was my first event and I was so glad with how it turned out! All the hard work paid off and boy, with 30,000 millenials dancing and singing to every beat of whatever EDM song the DJs were playing, the only thing that I needed to do was celebrate, and I did!








So proud of myself for my glow stick crown creations!

It was obviously a fun night and I got drunk after two years (since that night of December 26, 2013), slept with paints and holi powders all over me haha

The next day, I met up with my high school batch mates Diane and Nikki for lunch before I headed to the airport. I was supposed to visit their coffee shop (watch out for its opening soon!) but their machine was acting up so we had lunch at Ayala instead. It was so nice to catch up and spend even just a few hours with each other again!


Always a fun time, Cebu!! See you again soon!

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2 replies on “Pit Senyor!

  1. Wew, you were here during Sinulog! Well, I was at home anyway. Hahaha. I feel like I’m becoming a lola since Sinulog parties don’t excite me anymore. Haha. But I’m glad you were able to visit our province! :)

    1. Yuuhh! Haha! I would want to come back again for next year, ’cause I haven’t experienced the real parade, just the ones that happened in the hotel :(

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