I had the privilege to go home early today. Well going home early to me is synonymous to going to the mall early, which means an hour or a couple of extra for me and Ian. One thing I love about my current job is that there are opportunities for official businesses outside the office, which is why I love scheduling meetings in the afternoon. 4PM is my magic hour, and I hope none of my office mates are reading this right now. Lol.

The first half of the day, on the other hand was packed. My team mates and I (TMT) had a big presentation clearing at 2PM (prior to my 4PM), and though it was scheduled after lunch, none of us actually had the chance to do other things (not even lunch), because it was something that we braced ourselves for. The Sunday that just passed was spent doing the presentation, which is why you didn’t hear anything from me during the weekend. I worked on it until around 2AM of Monday, and I practiced my spiels over and over. Because if I haven’t mentioned yet, I admittedly suck at public speaking. I’m never the spontaneous type of person (in some ways I am, but particularly in terms of this, I’m not), and it’s always necessary for me to articulate everything in my head numerous times, so many that I’m almost memorizing. My former boss (whom I’ve been missing a lot) told me that I shouldn’t memorize because I’m more likely to screw up if I do, but it actually works the other way around for me. Also, I have this crazy theory that I tend to get into trouble (nothing major, but you get it — I tend to panic and get [more] stressed) when not wearing make-up during meetings (and actually other sit-down discussions that require me to talk). I began to believe this when I was attending PLs (with presentations in between) with my former client and even though there’s no logical explanation about it, I still sincerely think that it’s true. Today, before we went in the room and faced the judges, I put on my blushes, drew lines on my eyebrows, and colored my lips. I’d like to believe that it worked (had few buckles but it’s not because I forgot or lost my train of thought, it’s just that my throat was kind of acting up), or it could’ve been the almost hundred times I went through my slides since last night — so stupid of me to still not ace it given that. Haha! So yeah, practice makes perfect but it wasn’t perfect and that’s okay because perfection doesn’t really exist. Lol.

And then I had to go out of the conference door after I presented my part, because I was headed to Rockwell for the 4PM meeting.

Half an hour later, I told Ian that I was off to meet him. I arrived at the mall first, so I strolled and thought about finally doing a post like this (I’ve been actually trying to since last week but it was literally “what a way to start the New Year” kind of week and by weekend, all I wanted was to hit the sack for whole 48 hours). My mind wasn’t in the mood though so I just took the featured photo in case and yes I took a photo of the escalator.

Ian and I were able to have dinner before 7, and it was so liberating. I started writing this via the app at around 11:17PM, and it’s not so bad because it’s just 12:29AM. What I actually want to say is that, our real office hours are too long (9AM to 7PM, and time-ins are strict!) and if only we won’t have to count 7 hours after lunch break, this feeling that I have right now would be normal.

So 4PM baby, is my magic hour.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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    1. We’ve got compressed working hours since the company that I work for is Chinese-owned. Also, I’m in the media and advertising industry and I’m sad to say that it’s normal. Haha!

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