Hello, 2016!! I can’t believe you’re here, and I can’t believe we got work again tomorrow. But I’m choosing to see the silver lining here — at least we’ll recover from all the expenses and that I’ll have few free travels in the coming months. Yay!

The first few days of my year had been quite the usual. I eliminated my excess stuff, organized my bag (the featured photo above was taken while I was doing that) and well, finally launched my new header! It’s actually part of one of the many versions Valerie did for me (I cropped it haha, the whole version is down there on my footer), and it’s clearly my favorite! I initially planned to use it once I achieved my ultimate goal in life (which is represented by the illustration) but I can’t wait any longer! And as I’ve said, I’m changing the way I think about things which I will start off with this one! Instead of thinking that it will pre-empt my goal, I’ll look at it as my primary motivation. So there, everyone, I present to you the new face of Something Yshy! What do you think?

Well, I’m supposed to be reading something. Still got a lot of paperbacks waiting to be flipped but I can’t decide which to open first, resulting to.. reading nothing. Huhu. Also, I’ve been re-thinking. Because last year I said that I will stop reading electronic copies of books (and I did! I’ve been buying paperbacks since then, in fact, I never used my iBooks app ever again) but I want to save more money this year, so I’m thinking if I should go back to e-books. But it’s somehow a form of piracy (amirite, amirite?), a betrayal to the brilliant and hardworking authors, but, but, but..

This, and then I’ll move on to my evaluation papers at work. My mind is still avoiding any work-related stuff, but just like when I was still in school, even if I didn’t want to translate “The Indolence of the Filipinos” to Filipino, I did, because if I didn’t, I’d fail the course and would have to repeat. So yes, I’ll take a look at the paper after this. Haha.

Oh No, by Jack and Eliza. I just have to share – I’ve been telling my brother that ever since I started using Spotify, I never really got to listen to a certain album anymore, but Justin Bieber’s Purpose is an exception! The playlists are so convenient, but realizing the fact that I’m no longer able to dedicate time to artists makes me a little sad. I don’t know. Haha. Given this, aside from the playlists, I’ll start clicking on the albums. Hehe #YshyProblems

What to write on the evaluation paper. In three months, have I contributed something already? And if I think I did, is/are they good enough? Am I able to fulfill my tasks and deliver as I’m expected to?

Nothing. I can barely recall the times that I actually answered something legit about this item.

That it will be a great day tomorrow! First Monday, first working day – aaahh, let’s get it on!

First things first, I’m hoping I get to catch the one-ride shuttle to Ortigas tomorrow because I seriously need to stop being a commuter brat. Gaaahd, I’ve been riding cabs and Uber cars every morning the whole December, and that’s just when I’m on my way to work! I’ve also been ditching MRT rides to Ayala coming from work, which means.. oh, you know it. Huh, gotta get my ass going!

An olive Betty Boop shirt dress, which serves as the alternate to my 30-year-old Pekkle one!

The positivity? Haha, is this being positive enough though? And how long this will last? Lol

I can’t think of anything material at this moment, but two things that I will need every second, every minute and every hour of my life are safety and guidance in everything that I do and will do. I’m wishing this for every member of my family, Ian, my friends and for all of us!

I feel like 2016’s going to be the year where I will grow in terms of adult stuff (which I should’ve learned already but life wanted me to be forever seventeen, lelz) – [legitimately] saving money and becoming health conscious a.k.a. seriously going on a real diet. I have to be strict with the former, but with the latter, I’m gonna be more forgiving and won’t cast it to stones yet because I know I’ve been saying this every freaking year so if it happens, it happens.

William Singe’s Facebook Page (have you seen his Love Yourself cover?!) and Spotify.

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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  1. Same dilemma with your reading, Yshy! I can’t decide what to read so I read nothing… And the struggle between wanting a paperback book vs. saving! It’s so hard, haha.

    1. I’ve been trying so hard to get over with This is What Happy Looks Like but I can’t seem to push through with the reading. I get distracted with the other books I have in my shelf hehe. On the struggle, have you decided? ‘Cause I haven’t yet! Haha!

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