Location: Baguio City — Canto, BenCab Museum, Diplomat Hotel, Philippine Military Academy
Special thanks: The Wicked Stepsisters (Warren, Twody and Mina), Ian, Fel + Bry, Chichi, Russel and Kuya Jun

More photos from last weekend’s trip to the City of Pines. I took as much as I could as I was surprised with how much there is to discover, considering that I’ve been there a countless times. I’m amazed with how the food community of the city is growing, and giving an awesome twist to each tourist’s expectations.

I’m aware that there’s still so many food joints that we haven’t tried (which is why an overnight stay is really not enough to do the rediscovery), and I heard that they’re really good so I came up with a list that includes:

  • 2600 Gastropub
  • Foggy Moutain Cookhouse
  • Melt Bistro
  • Patch Cafe
  • The Coffee Library
  • Hill Station
  • Amare la Cucina
  • Ketchup Food Community
  • Forest House
  • ’50s Diner
  • Arca’s Yard
  • Choco-late de Batirol
  • Cafe in the Sky

Looking forward to going up north again and to try all of these!

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