The prompt that I found was pretty apt with everything that’s happened recently. It’s easy for anyone to project that he/she is knowledgeable with anything, because let’s face it, the appropriate use of subject and verb agreement can lure you into believing. Anyway, what I would like to say is that, I’m going to share a list of things to research or to study, and I hope I’d really be able to make time to do so.


I’ve always loved history since I was little. The names, locations and symbolical events that took place before our lifetime (most especially the ones that happened in the medieval setting) always interested me, and if I would have another regular free day aside from weekends, I’d definitely spend it on history. I slept at 6 in the morning today, because I saw Gladiator for the first time and the movie was freaking long. But maaan, I can’t believe I never watched it before! Aside from the beautiful cinematography (I was 10 when it was released and boy, it can be compared to the technology that’s being used today), Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Maximus Decimus Meridius was perfect. He displayed strength and honor legitimately, and though I’m thankful that I live in the modern times, I envy those that lived in the glory days of patriotism.

I so loved the movie that after this, I’m going to see 300!

Philippine Presidential Candidates 2016

The Presidential Elections is fast approaching, and of all the things that I need to study, this should be on top of the list. I can’t believe this would be the second time I’ll vote, and even though the first experience was short, unsatisfying and didn’t go my way (I voted for Gilbert Teodoro in 2010), I’d still want to exercise my right to suffrage, not just for the sake of it, but because there are a lot of things that I want my country to achieve. Earlier today, I watched the first #PiliPinasDebates2016 and it had really been helpful. I found myself engaging in the discussions (thanks to Twitter) and I was surprised with how Grace Poe presented herself. To be honest, I was initially looking at Binay — corruption controversies aside, because Makati achievements (I was able to witness some of it when my family was living there, in fairness to him) and Duterte — because, same as in Makati, Davao’s progression through the years is really commendable. But Grace Poe, wow, her answers were straight to the core! What she lacked in experience, she made up for through her extensive research. Actually, among all of them, she seemed to be the one serving the government office the longest. The lady knows what she’s about to do. I still can’t decide at this point because Duterte is still someone that I see who can do the job too. Why can’t it be two? Poe to take care of the strategy while Duterte of the implementation?


I would want to include the LGBT Community — the rights that they are fighting for, the extent of how they want these to be implemented, their status in different parts of the globe, their colorful past, so on and so forth — just so I’d be more aware. These past few days, I was hoping to summon my thoughts regarding the controversy but I figured it’d be hard to be objective because even if you’d want to start emotionless, at some point in the threads lines would be crossed. And it is indeed going to be a long discussion, may it be in the realm of the recent controversy or in another, in this decade or in another century. I just have to say that whatever our opinions are, we are entitled to it and however we want to express it, it’s our call. I won’t even touch the issue about same-sex marriage, or Manny Pacquiao being unfit for the senatorial race, but I want to voice that the petition for the withdrawal of brands with whom Manny has endorsement deals was totally out of context. I personally believe that it was downright uncalled for, because we’re already talking about livelihood. No one has the right to touch that because he didn’t owe any of the endorsements to anyone. The senatorial seat, if (and only if) he scores it, he will owe that to the Filipino people, and we will all have the right to claim that he does and to complain if he underdelivers when that happens. But the petition, just thinking about how the person who filed it had the big courage to imagine someone suffering and losing something he worked hard for (though we can say that it won’t hurt Manny’s pocket because he’s already possessing immeasurable wealth, but still), is just unfathomable. Some even happily issued threatening statements about Jinkee Pacquiao having to hold on tight to her Birkin and Hermes bags now because she might bid them goodbye someday. I mean, how could they? Maybe they left their conscience somewhere?


I wish I still have the luxury of having a two-month break like when I was still in school so I can truly say that spending time for these subjects are possible. But I remember back in college when I hated breaks because there was no way I could go out of the house due to the strict mom. Oh well, indeed it’s true that you have to be careful of what you wish for.

And now the time I allotted for watching 300 has been consumed by this blog post. Hay, life.

Shout out to Hello Neverland for today’s prompt!

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2 replies on “Pop Quiz: This Week’s Research List

  1. I think people have been so harsh on Manny and the fact that they celebrated his loss on the Nike deal was horrible. He was horribly taken out of context – no, this does not mean I agree with his thoughts. All I’m saying is that people should be more on educating and not humiliating others because of his opinions. Anywaaaay, how long is Gladiator exactly? I’m now itching to watch it!

    1. Exactly! Regardless, Manny is a good man. He’ll get through.

      Gladiator lasted for 3 hours!! I started at 3 in the morning and ended at 6! HAHA! But definitely worth watching! So gooooood!

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