Apparently, today is Valentines Day and I’d like to greet everyone may you be happily taken or not. I’ve always said that the so-called celebration is not meant for couples entirely, and today, I’ll say it again. Four years ago, I wrote a blog entry and to quote myself,

I have been reading a lot of tweets on Twitter and Facebook statuses about feeling so sorry about themselves because it’s February and they are single. In my opinion, I don’t think it is necessary for one to feel that way, maybe his/her definition of love is just enclosed in four corners that is why that feeling exists. Love for me, aside from the romance that is felt by two people for each other, is a feeling that is also present in all relationships. I don’t think there is one who has been living in this world literally lonely, for we all belong to a neighborhood, went to school, became part of different organizations, went to work and are going to work. There must have been some people (if not many), who have been part of our lives that we could never forget because at one point, we have shared something special.

Don’t fret, you guys! You might be thinking, it’s easy for me to say this because I’m in a relationship and not experiencing what some of you do but this I tell you: exactly, I’m in a relationship and I spent the whole day like it’s a usual Sunday (the 53rd volume says hi!). I think it’s crazy to show love for just a day only, but Valentines in high school used to be cute, hehe only that I didn’t get to experience anything sweet back then because he (let’s say I got a someone, I was supposed to have a someone LOLOL I’m still so frustrated) had no balls to admit that we were meant for each other at the time and well, I was a loser. People have different ways to deal with stuff (Ian and I are just so unconventional) but I guess it’s just a matter of perspective. Whoever said Valentines Day is for lovers only don’t know!

You’d expect I say Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, but no. I haven’t touched the book (because until now I still haven’t gone past through This is What Happy Looks Like, and I don’t think I ever will soon) and I just took it out from my shelf along with my 2016 Planner to literally take the featured photo above, so that my giant Hershey’s Chocolate won’t have to be alone.

Nothing else. I thought of writing an entry for the occasion but I figured I’m not in the mood, which is weird because I talked a lot in the beginning of this post (and still talking) and I could’ve constructed a separate entry already but whatever.

JoJo’s version of White Iverson OMG I can’t stop listening! I. AM. SO. ADDICTED. You know I’ve always been vocal about how much I love her and I was so happy when I knew about her being free to release music again! I’ve always followed her and would tweet her often and one of the things that I’m wishing for is that she’ll finally reply to me! Haha!

Of what tomorrow will be like!

None. Or, Monday?

I wish that the week’s gonna be manageable, and that it will bear good news! Saucin’, Saucin’, I’m saucin’ on you..

The love of my life Ian! Know that I’m happy because you’re in my life, and I hope that you are too, because I’m in yours :) Happy Hearts’ day to you bebe, the one who holds mine! Thanks for the giant chocolate, I hope this stint in this post will make up!


My family too, and my real, non-user friends! *raising eyebrows

Thank you for the love!

Well I’m happy to say that I already did what I gotta do, and I’m crossing my fingers real tight!!

Excited of what’s in store for me in the coming days!! Can’t wait for life to reveal what lies ahead! Thank you Lord, in advance :)

Metro Lyrics, because I have the intention of memorizing White Iverson and I-now-love-Post-Malone-wait-for-my-cover LOL

Happy Valentines y’all!

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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8 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 53

  1. I’ve been spending all of my VDays with either myself, friends, or family and they are always fun. I agree that people should broaden their definition of love during heart’s day. I also experienced the whole MU but let’s not talk about it thing, hahaha! Frustrating but funny to look back to. Happy Valentine’s Day, Yshy! <3

  2. Belated happy valentine’s! I agree, it isn’t for couples only, and it’s not only on February 14 that we should show love to our loved ones :)

    Funny, because I’ve been using “jojo” as part of my username for years now but I never knew the singer JoJo haha. Her version, is beautiful by the way :) The JoJo I knew was the from K-Ci & Jojo when I first heard the song All of My Life. Haha

    1. OMG, you didn’t! Hahaha! Seriously? You didn’t sing Leave when you were in high school?! Huhu sobssss. Well I loved All My Life and being able to sing the “close to me you’re like my father..” part without buckling felt cool haha

  3. I agree with your thoughts about Valentine’s Day, that it’s not just for couples! I’m also in a relationship, and like you, we didn’t spend it doing mushy stuff ‘coz why wait for VDay to do it, right? We’re okay with how we are, and we’re happy. I guess that’s all that matters. :)

    1. Happiness and contentment, for me are indications of a strong relationship. Abstract, unexplainable feelings, nothing fancy. Cheers to solid relationships Mik! <3

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