I’m typing this in our dining area for a change of scenery, and well, it’s pretty hot inside our room. I love the natural afternoon light but it’s extra intense today that it’s not conducive for a stay-in-bed Sunday. Also, I’m waiting for my baby brother to come back from the barber shop (yes, finally I’m no longer obliged to accompany him because he already had his prom! Haha) and for the merienda that I asked him to buy for us three (mom, me and him — sister is out for her review class) so we have something to munch on while we watch the Presidential Debate coming up in a few.

I’m browsing Twitter right now (the notifications won’t stop coming regarding the #PiliPinasDebates2016) and also looking at prompts that I can use for maybe another entry after this. Later in the evening, perhaps?

Nothing else. I initially wanted to write about the recent controversy that consumed the world the past few days, you know, just going to let my thoughts out. But as much as I wanted to take a stand, join the union, I somehow find myself on the line splitting the two sides. It was actually a good brain exercise (at the expense of both though), that even if I knew which side I’m on, coming across different opinions that have valid points made me (and is still making me) nod. You see, it’s really a very long discussion.

Future Soup, Autograf feat. Patrick Baker

None. LOL I’m just staring at the laptop screen, typing with music on. The featured photo above is too literal for a TSC, and not at all inspiring. Haha

Well the shirt that I’m currently wearing smells lovely. The floral detergent scent used was strong, huh!

That everything will be okay. Not that something’s wrong, but I mean, if it’s all fine, then I hope it stays as it is.

How my care for Divinity was somehow awakened, thanks to Manny Pacquiao (aahh, I’ll always be a fan no matter what. Such a good man *sobs). I know my ways are far from being a good servant (I haven’t been reading the Bible, I haven’t gone to Church in a very long while and my Christian identity is troubled) but the recent discussions reminded me that I have beliefs. Beliefs that are sitting on my subconscious.

Sleep. LOL because I slept at 6 in the morning today due to my late night movie watching, which shouldn’t happened because I was supposed to see Passion Pit and Oh Wonder live at the Good Vybes Fest but #BecomingATita. My lazy self won over my music lover self. Still thanking my wicked stepsister Twodster for the invite!

The need to pee! The restroom is just a few walks away from where I am sitting but I badly want to finish this entry already so I can turn on the TV because the Presidential Debate is now happening!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

6 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 54

  1. Hi! Great blog and great photos, i’m stalking your IG right now. haha. Anyway, same here i’m also watching #PilipinasDebate2016. Thank god for live streams, I get to watch it even if i’m miles away from our home land.
    I hope everything will stay fine and okay in your life. :)

    1. Thank you so much Joyce! <3 I was surprised with Grace Poe, her answers were straight to the core and she really knows every piece of what she was saying. Hope you're okay too! :)

  2. I wasn’t able to watch the debate, because we’re off somewhere yesterday. I just would have to watch the replay, or online for I’m sure it’ll be uploaded hehe

    Hey, wag mo pipigilan ihi mo, that’s bad! Haha I learned the hard way, so make sure you pee when you need to pee! Haha

    I can’t believe you can stay late up to 6 am in the morning??? Haha whenever I see people like you, I’m like, “Sobrang antukin ko ba, hindi ko kaya tumagan hanggang 1 am???” Hahahaha

    1. > Facebook is actually flooded with posts regarding the debate that happened yesterday na!

      > I have weird peeing habits! I tend to pee right away, even if I just went to the restroom. Also, there’s always the feeling na tapos na ako but after a couple of seconds, I’m feeling the urge to pee again. Hrrr

      > With me being able to stay up until 6AM, yes I am nocturnal. Haha! The crazy thing is, I’m also very antukin! Hardcore, as in I can sleep anywhere, even while standing in the MRT LOL. But maybe it’s a psychological thing — I’m sleepy during weekdays because I’m always hesitant to get up for work and able to stay super late on weekends because I have this thinking that I have to make the most out of it!

  3. Ahhh. I wish you wrote about the recent controversy , if it is what I think it’s about. It’ll be fun to read in blog post form. And I like hearing thoughts about it. My own mind is messed up because how both sides have their points and mistakes. This post reminds me to also watch the replay of the debate soon. Just been really busy since last weekend. Still really busy now. Sad. I’ve heard Grace Poe made some really valid points but I’m more intrigued with the Duterte-Santiago one more. Heehee.

    1. > Well I kinda did, but I didn’t want to go over the sensitive issues lol. I just can’t take how far people would go just so they can take “revenge” when in fact, there was no direct harm done. Really sad. I was almost in tears when I was reading the news because it was too much. Very foul.

      > Yes Grace Poe was really surprising! I never thought she can carry herself like that. She really showed how determined she is.

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