Got up a little past noon and I was surprised to see my brother leaning on my closet. He’d normally be grumpy with me and avoid my antics as much as possible, but today, he greeted me “Hola!” first thing. The kid was treating me differently because there was a favor that he would need me to do, and that was to ask permission from mom to go out along with his classmate. Being the coolio sister that I am, I small talked mom over lunch and used the Battle of the Brains championship my brother recently won as the ticket. Some sort of a treat, you know. Skillz.

So the featured photo was taken at the bookstore earlier, while I was waiting for the kids, doing the chaperone duties. Ugh, my brother is so lucky to have someone whom he can connive with! When I was the one in high school, what the mother says, the mother says!

Some The Sunday Currently entries in other blogs for a new perspective. Whew, 55 entries and counting!

Nothing other than this. I should’ve been literally writing on my planner for my schedule in the next few days and everything else that happened recently but I’m too lazy to take it out from my shelf. Besides, I’ve decided not to carry it in my everyday bag for the meantime since I started riding the train religiously, every morning. Less weight on my shoulders would be very helpful!

The Story I Heard, Blind Pilot

Well, I originally wanted to say nothing serious but I fucking accidentally lowered the brightness of the laptop screen  and I literally sweated over it! Which is why I got stalled for an hour and now I’m thinking how even more stupid can I be?! Plus, it’s already past 12 meaning it’s no longer Sunday. Hnnnggg

None. Can I just remove this bullet forever?!

I wish my stupidity didn’t happen and if it didn’t, I’m surely trying to put myself to sleep at this hour already. Sigh.

I hope tomorrow’s gonna be okay. That I’ll get to clock in before 9 and I’d be able to finish the remaining portions of my work in progress deck so I won’t have to think about it when I go out for an official business and I’ll be able to go home early and with peace of mind.

An all-black pambahay outfit. Just realized that I wasn’t able to include this item in the past two TSC entries. Lelz

I love my stupid and candid self. It’s just sooooo cute. NOT. Such a bummer!

I want to sleep now because fucking screen brightness is annoying.

I need to sleep because it’s 1 AM, heller

I’m so annoyed at the screen brightness. And myself. Booooooo

I would’ve typed Spotify, some blogs — the usual — but had to restart because I’m so stupid so what’s on my screen right now are just my Gmail and my website dashboard. Grrr

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

4 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 55

  1. Wew, my brother also acts “nice” when he needs something from me. Haha. Ates ftw! Was supposed to write a TSC post too last night but gave up midway (When I had to think wth was I supposed to be smelling hahaha). Was just not in the mood and I also kept telling myself to update my planner for the week but no. LOL. Hoping you’re week’s starting out well Yshy!
    Caffeine Rush

    1. Kids these days! Diba yung smelling?? Can’t recall if there was actually an instance that I was able to answer something concrete sa smelling. Haha! Have a great week too, Louise! :)

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