This is probably the most well-spent long weekend I’ve had in a while. Before the sun showed itself on Saturday morning (3AM to be exact), the wicked stepsisters (my former office mates who are my big sisters, my family in the corporate world) and some other friends took on a road trip bound to Baguio. It was my first trip to the City without family, and it was a different experience! It allowed me to explore the other sides of the City, and it turned out to be the trip that I just needed.

Day 1 – Saturday

We arrived at around 9, dropped our stuff at the house, then took a short stroll at Berkeley School beside where we were staying.

Our cozy home for the weekend!

Love the unconventional architecture of the school! Also, these happy hormones were so nice to watch!

We then headed to Canto, a quaint restaurant that’s part of the so-called Ketchup Community. Ate Twody’s friend Russ (who also happens to be the owner of the house, the school and some of the restaurants we visited) introduced us to the cool owner Lloydie. The place was simple yet eccentric with its vintage furniture, perfect for the chilly weather that was 18 degrees at the time. Plus the food was great (I’m always a sucker for breakfast food!), and cheap too!

I’ve always dreamt of having a fireplace!

Ribs (PHP400) + Baguio Longganisa with coffee (PHP180)

First group photo!

After brunch, it was finally time to go around! Our first stop was the famous BenCab Museum, which for me is the Pinto version of the north!

Warren posing for his new profile photo while the ladies make fond of him!

The wicked stepsisters: Warren, Ate Mina, Ate Twody and me, the baby! <3

Cafe Sabel inside the museum


Warren kept on talking about horror stuff (though we didn’t feel scared because he was mentioning this in his usual comedic way haha) so we decided to head to the ruins of the “haunted” Diplomat Hotel. I’ve been to Baguio a countless times but I never set foot there, so it was something new for me.

We dropped by the Tam-awan Village after and got the chance to know more about the Kalinga culture! We were able to watch the natives do their sacred dances too!

Animal heads found in front of every headhunter household

For dinner, we tried Cookout for some burger, sausage and fries. We really wanted to have a heavy dinner since we didn’t have merienda, and we kind of burned a lot of energy due to the long walks we did in the afternoon. Again, food was superb and everything on the table were almost gone in a blink!


After dinner, we decided to have few drinks at the Brewery, where we enjoyed a lot since there was a live performance and it was freezing 14 degrees! The Lagud (strawberry) and Ripe (passion fruit) fruit beers kept us warm as we shared big laughs and reminisced about our crazy office moments! Cue in the “I don’t understand” dance!

That thing called..

My big sisters <3

Time’s really running slow when not in Manila! It was still quite early when we decided to have our last shots so we transferred to Camp John Hay to sip on some coffee, and continued our catch-up.

When we got home..

Ate Twodster doing the math while the two were sleeping, and I was just staring LOL

Day 2 – Sunday

The next morning, we were scheduled to pick strawberries in La Trinidad, but traffic was insane probably because there were too many tourists and the month-long celebration of the Panagbenga Festival has just started. So while on the way, we all agreed to abort the mission and rerouted to PMA instead. No regrets though, for the academy has always been a good sight to look at!

Lovers Fel and Bry

The fat ones

Some cruel being is scraping that part of the mountain off. How heartless!

Traffic was really bad that it took us more or less than an hour to reach Cafe by the Ruins, which, on a normal day should take around only twenty minutes. We ended up having late lunch plus merienda combined!

Suman + tsokolate (PHP180) Wasn’t able to take a photo of my lunch plate due to extreme hunger, but I got Bistek Tagalog which was really good! (PHP320)

We had a mini photo shoot at what Warren called the “Vertical Garden”outside the store, which turned out to be the group’s most favorite spot!

After the shoot that took forever (haha, so many takes in each permutation!), we headed to the market where we bought pasalubong for our families, friends and office mates. Aaahh, still can’t believe we’re now talking about different people when we say office mates. *sobs We went to SM after to get the famous raisin bread from Country Club but little did we know that we would be channeling the Black Market in the US for the loaves!

When the mission was accomplished, Warren, Ian and I had to part ways from the group as we needed to go back to Manila a few hours earlier. We wanted to spend more time with everyone and explore more of the City but it was still an awesome trip nonetheless! It’s so cool that I actually haven’t been to any of the places that we explored (except for PMA), given that our family goes up north almost every year. See, I knew it’s going to be different when I go with friends! Haha!

Oh fun times! Yay for new friends!! Thanks for the awesome weekend, guys! <3

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12 replies on “Up North: Baguio City Now

  1. I’ve been to Baguio a lot of times already but there’s always something new to explore! Feeling ko di ako mauubusan ng pupuntahan sa Baguio. Haha. I’ve been there in separate trips with family, friends and boyfriend. I can’t count how many times I’ve been there already, but it seems like I haven’t explored everything of Baguio yet. Besides, I don’t always squeeze everything in just one trip. Haha

    Have you been to 50’s Diner? You should go there next time. That’s one of the reasons why I keep on coming back to Baguio. I always recommend it to everyone, I already sound as if I’m advertising them. Hahaha

    1. In my case, my family would always visit the same spots so I really wanted to go with friends! Finally, it happened though I still missed some famous spots, mostly new restaurants, like 50’s Diner! Haven’t been there, and I’ve always wanted to try it out pero di napupush! And the Batirol! I would’ve wanted to come last weekend but we had to go home na, so maybe next time. Actually, para na syang Maginhawa of the North! Haha!

  2. Love how the fog creates this natural eerie effect on your pics hahaha. Also super love food trippin’ in Baguio! And just literally chilling around! :)) And the raisin bread “black market”!! Hahaha so true.

    1. Nukssss, eerie! Haha! Actually all the food that we ate were good, most especially those that were from Canto! Well, the burgers and sausages in Cookout were as yummy too, ang juicy!! Ugggh, I miss the food! Too bad wasn’t able to try Batirol :(

      1. Bitin talaga kung overnight! Dami pa natin hindi na-try! May Amare pizza pa, yung Arca’s Yard, Foggy Mountain, etc. Batirol was also great! Perfect for the cold weather that time! Sayang you guys left na. There were just so many people lang kaya ang tagal ng orders kahit na take-out kami. Let’s just pass by it again on the way to Ilocos! Hyess!

        1. Oo nga eh! Pati yung Cafe in the Sky! Sounds interesting :p OMG I’m serious about Ilocos! Haven’t been there! I want to ride the 4×4 on the sand dunes! Hehe

  3. Woah. The architecture of Berkeley School doesn’t look like it’s in the PH! It looks so cool! I don’t think I’ve been to any places you’ve mentioned in your post. Then again, the last time I visited was around 8 years ago so maybe I’ve forgotten about it. I am going to visit Baguio at the end of the month with my officemates. I hope we have as much fun as you guys did based on your photos! :)

    1. Yuuh!! Very Harry Potter-ish, according to my friends! Can’t relate because I’m not a fan lol. Have fun! Have to send you my good luck though, coz traffic was crazy when we were there. Panagbenga month! :p

  4. I’ve only been to Baguio twice! First was when I was around five years old and the second one was when I was in 4th year high school and our batch attended a leadership training. Seeing these photos make me want to go to Baguio again soon!

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

  5. Hi Yshy! I just have to say I love the way you write — and your photography skillzz and the way you edit photos. haha! I’m obviously a fan. :P Thank you for the virtual baguio tour. :)

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