Location: Boracay Island, Philippines
Special thanks: Solar Entertainment Marketing and Events Team (Mella, Nika, Ron, Anna, Kate and Pau)

On Holy Monday, I flew to Boracay for work. While it would’ve been nice to visit the island for pure vacation, a free travel wasn’t so bad. It was my first time to be away from my family during Holy Week, and to spend it with office mates.

So we met with a handful of hotel owners in Station 2 to secure deals for our upcoming almost week-long event on Labor Day. The trip involved a lot of walking and it felt good that we were being productive while feeling the beach vibe.

And because we came for work and not for anything else, I was able to discover a lot of cheap finds! During our first night, I only spent 113 bucks for dinner and I was very full! There was a barbecue stand in front of one of the restaurants and it was so cool because each stick costed only 10 bucks! I got 6 sticks (2 barbecue, 2 isaw, 2 i-dont-know) hehe, a cup of rice and us office mates chipped in 33 bucks each for a 1.5 liter of soda! The melon-mango fruit shake that I bought from Johna’s was even more expensive than a full meal!

Also able to squeezed in one cocktail session at Nigi Nigi Too, and an hour of massage at Victor Ortega’s! Uhh, can I just share that it was my first super bad experience! I usually go for hard pressure when having massages but for the first time, that night, I asked the masseuse to soften because it felt like she was pinching me! When she softened, it felt like she was just gently rubbing my skin so I didn’t bother anymore. I just waited for the hour to be over and showed that I was totally awake throughout the session to subtly let her know that I was not at all relaxed. I wonder if she felt it though, lol. And for the first time too, it felt so hard to give a tip knowing that I’d always want to give my whole wallet to the people who give best services, if only I’m rich. Oh well.

Anyway, I can’t wait to come back a month from now! I wonder how different my photos will be? Also, it will be my first Laboracay experience!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

7 replies on “Holy Week in Boracay

  1. Super inggit with your Boracay snaps, even on Insta! :) Quiet Boracay is better than Laboracay!!! I didn’t enjoy my Laboracay experience but maybe if I was more in the party mindset it would’ve been different? Hehe Happy Easter!

    x Reg

    1. Hihi, Boracay is always so pretty, the fine sands never gets old! But yeah I figured that quiet Boracay is better because I’m never the party kind of person!! Unless.. Alcohol to unleash the party mode! Haha! Happy Easter too, Reg!

      PS – I’m forever inggit sa NY photos mo kahit saang beach pa ako makarating! It will never match the Empire State Building! Haha

  2. Boracay sandbars look so good! I was mainly out and about during the holy week – in churches that I haven’t heard of before, but I was longing for the beach as well. Didn’t look to be that crowded in Boracay – or was that a trick of the photos? Hahaha!

    1. Good thing there’s not too much lumot this time! And well, in fairness, it’s true naman that there’s not too much people din. Haha! As usual, there were a lot of tourists with different nationalities that our group seemed to be the foreigners pa! Haven’t tried doing the Visita Iglesia and I think it would be nice to do it next year! Hehe

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