Location: Ayala Alabang Country Club
Special thanks: Trisha Garcia of Zomato, my sibs (Dianne and King), Michael and Joyce

Last weekend, I received an e-mail invite for The Block Party’s fourth installment (Wanderlust). I’ve been wanting to drop by the fair since its first leg but I never really had the chance due to busy schedules. I almost didn’t make it for this one too because it’s been a busy week at work and I even had to take home my tasks since I was bound for an out-of-town trip on Monday morning.

But Trisha, who’s always been so sweet and patient with my consistent unavailability every time she asks me for a meet-up, I couldn’t just resist her! So finally, after a couple of turned down invites, we were able to exchange kisses on the cheeks!

It was an afternoon of nice chill out, good food (not to mention free, thanks to the VIP tag which was used by my sibs, lelz) and delightful finds!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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