I was supposed to be working on a write-up but I decided to go with my TSC entry for the week first because today, 6th of March 2016, Joanna Levesque finally tweeted me!! OMG, guys, patience is indeed a virtue!

2009 because, although I’ve been fangirl-ing since we were thirteen (JoJo and I were both born in 1990), it’s the year that I signed up for a Twitter account! I’ve been consistently sending her tweets, you know, just to let her know that I adore her and that she’s not alone (she was dealing with a label trouble at the time) though not expecting replies that much because I understand that we have timezone differences, and of course, with the bulk of notifications she’s been receiving every hour, there’s no way she’ll get to reply to everyone.

Leave (Get Out), Weak and Too Little Too Late were my teen anthems (although there was really no one to legitimately cry about lol), so when I found out that she, together with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (ahh gahd, JT was my main man too!) were visiting Manila in 2010 for the Then & Now Concert Tour, I couldn’t contain my excitement at the same time frustration. I was still in college at the time and I have no means to get tickets for myself so I just cried and decided that I’d just wait for the next time she’ll visit. In 2012, it was announced that she’d be coming over again along with Michelle Branch but it didn’t push through due to bad weather. I was heartbroken because I was ready to get tickets, and it was supposed to happen in June, my birth month! Story of my fan girl life. Lelz.

JoJo’s tweet to me. Still. HAHAHA, guys, 7 years of bugging the girl and now, at the most unexpected day and time, it finally happened! Best day of my whole Twitter life ever!

This volume and about to start on the write-up which I’m hoping to publish tonight or within the week too!

To JoJo of course! OMG, I didn’t know she did Say Love with these kids!! Such a beautiful performance!

Aaahh, gahd! I’m browsing Facebook on my phone too (yeah, when me as a planner talk about multi-screen, I’m also talking about myself) and another filmmaker has died. I’ve heard about so many deaths this week and it’s seriously scary! Earlier this week, it was the award-winning director, on Tuesday night after overtime, it was my office mate’s mom, on Thursday, my cousin’s grandma (who’s also like a real grandma to us) too, then a former Mayor, and now this. Oh Lord, please shower us Your guidance!

My hands! I put alcohol and finally after a while, I was able to produce a legit answer for this item!

I wish that bad news will stop coming. It’s too much! :(

I hope that tomorrow’s gonna be a good day — smooth commute, manageable workload, considerate workmates, no overtime!

My white shirt that says “Young, Wild & Free” and a pair of blue floral shorts

My family! My mom who’s getting sweeter everyday, my papa whose voice is full of warmth, my pretty sister whose always there to open the door for me whenever I come home at midnight and my brother whose always annoyed with me but I know loves me more than anything haha! And Ian of course, my favorite human being, my lover, best friend and older brother all rolled into one!

To move on and start with my write-up for real. I really wish I could publish it tonight.

More sleeping time! Ugh

Scared because I don’t know, sleepy because I am, lazy because it’s freaking Monday tomorrow!

Twitter, WordPress and my Gmail account.

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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