I’m technically late to do a TSC entry (it’s 1AM of Monday already) but I’m still dealing with problems related to work now — now, as I type this on my bed — because yes, it has been a working weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. We had an activation in Megamall yesterday and in Eastwood today, and everything went fine, except that tonight at 11:30 (I was still on my way home from a meet-up with a friend), I received a call from my office mate informing me that my clients couldn’t get the egress done. Apparently, their equipment/set-up left markings on the mall’s floor and there’s nothing else to do except to clear them out, and I need to ensure that it happens. The agency life’s missing me, huh.

The back story’s kind of boring I know, but it also explains how busy I’ve been, which is why I almost didn’t do a TSC entry today but I’m doing it now.

The overflowing messages in the Viber group! Stress! Haha

This volume. The write-up that I’m hoping to publish in the coming days is being drafted so, that too.

Not music. All I hear now is the sound of my fan and my iPhone’s keyboard, as I’m currently typing

What time will I be able to get up later given that I’m still working (a.k.a. stressing myself, waiting for advise), when will our salary be credited, and how much. Lelz


That I’ll have enough money for everything that I need to spend on in the coming days!

That it won’t be too stressful this week given that there’s another deck to work on and as always, it’ll be a two-man team. Hnggg

A gray spaghetti-strapped top and a pair of floral shorts

That I get to spend time with one of my closest friends Naz a while ago! Featured photo was taken inside an Uber car while I was on my way to Two E-com to meet her! Sunset’s good, eh.

Tuesday, please come already!

I need sleep and Tuesday to come! Haha

Sleepy and fat.

WordPress, Uber and my Gmail account. Uber because I need to consolidate my receipts for reimbursement! Hoho

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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