Hello from my bed on a Monday evening! I’m usually still outside by this hour of every weekday but I didn’t go to work today because I just came home from an eventful weekend! My office mates and I flew to Davao for Kadayawan, but it was a work thing like Sinulog but still, free travel — which wasn’t bad at all! It also explains why there wasn’t a new TSC post published yesterday and I feel bad because I previously said I’m back and then that, but please know that I really am!

We arrived in Davao on Friday morning and it was still too early for check-in so we had breakfast first. Since there was still time to kill, some of my office mates and I walked around SM Lanang Premier (we stayed at Park Inn by Radisson which was just across the mall) to catch Pokemons and holy frigging shit, the area was a haven! I caught a lot of rares — Voltorb, Magnemite, Clefairy, Diglett, Dratini, Geodude, Cubone, Rhyhorn and Electrode! — and I was so happy the Ratattas, Pidgeys and Spearows left me all alone for a while! Haha! We finally had the chance to get some rest after checking in so we had energy to explore a little of the city during dinner!

We ate at the famous Jack’s Ridge, a restaurant overlooking the whole city! My aunts and uncles who live in Davao would talk about its food and how pretty it is up there and I’m glad that I finally got to try it!

We attempted to have mangosteen-flavored frappe just beside the restaurant but the coffee shop ran out of ice so we decided to drop by Magsaysay Fruit Stand instead. Little did we know that we would be having a taste of the true Davao night life — yes, at the fruit stand!

Apparently, fruits sold here are not just for take out and pasalubong to Manila, you can also “dine in”! There are tables and chairs right in front of each stand and people eat the fruits and pair them with softdrinks! My office mates and I got curious so we decided to find our own space. We got durian, mangosteen, marang and a bottle of Coke and voila, Friday night life!

It was an awesome experience for: a) it was like Mercato only the menu was totally fruity; b) I never thought marang tastes soooooo good!!!; c) Friday, out of town and no alcohol??!!; d) the people of Davao be like — “whoever said night life is all about alcohol and EDM have never been to our city!”

The people of Shaw with the last order at 12 MN

The next day was the day of our event and we were so happy with how the Davaoenos responded! It was an experiment expanding from Sinulog and Masskara to Kadayawan and it was a relief that it had a good turnout!

The ETC Paintensity Kadayawan Team

On Sunday, I met up with my relatives from my father’s side since our flight back to Manila was scheduled at 10:40 PM, and there were no more work-related errands so I had all day to spend with them! I was very happy to see all of them again as the last time I visited was back in 2002, with the whole family and I was a sixth grader! My baby brother was a real baby, and still didn’t know how to speak! 14 years ago and I’m in awe with how the city has grown to be such a beautiful and promising one! I’m looking at you, President Duterte!

The superwoman in me tried to squeeze everything in seven hours and I did! Talking to each of them after a very long time (first time with some of them) made me happy. They’re all so kind and welcoming, they made me feel loved and a part of them and not a stranger despite my family being the only one living in Manila while all of them are in Davao. I wish I had more time to spend with them — know their stories, eat more food, take more pictures, etc. — but it’s more than enough reason to come back soonest!


I wish I was able to sleep over but nonetheless, I’m very happy to have hugged you all! Davao is beautiful in itself but you, the law-abiding, appreciative, kind-hearted, warm and loving people is what makes it even more beautiful!

See you again soonest, everyone! <3

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  1. First place I’ve heard of when in you can “dine in” with menu choices only consisting of fruits! Definitely unique. Love how you manage to squeeze in family time even if it’s a work trip, Yshy!

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