Aaaahh, the feeling of logging in to my website dashboard and actually hitting the “New” button almost feel so foreign to me! You know, being away for a quarter — being suddenly away for a quarter — kind of changed my weekend habits. Although, I’m still your average lola twenty-something. Except in the past week because as we all know, Pokemon Go finally launched in the Philippines and everyone’s suddenly moving!

Okay so what happened was, well, I basically lost my iPhone 6 Plus and my world literally stopped. Lol. It sounds pretty crazy and you’re probably judging me right now, but that’s what’s up. On April 9, 2016, the day when Yeezy stepped onto the grounds of Manila was the day someone pick-pocketed it inside my sling bag. I never got to see Kanye, nor my iPhone ever again (but I know its OS got updated twice, rawr). Since my life relied on it too much — it was serving me on almost all aspects of my life: messaging for communication with everyone, camera for my blog and work, internet for social media, etc., etc. — when I lost it, I kinda got detached from everything I usually do. And that is why there were no posts, no anything, in the last three months.

So yay for we are in the 59th volume of The Sunday Currently!! I missed this, did you?

On the other tab is the Wikipedia article on the Stranger Things, because I just finished watching everything and I loved it!! The guys were all so adorable and I can’t wait for the next season, which is going to be probably.. next year. Lelz.

This volume! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’ll miss saying “This volume” HAHA

To my mom’s voice. She’s talking to a friend over the phone hehe

About whether there’s work tomorrow? Because apparently classes are still being suspended and duh, we’re not waterproof? Also, I’ve had fever yesterday it just died because mom made me take meds already!

Hotdogs and Pancit Canton!! Whoop, whoop!

Wish there’s no work tomorrow?

No work, no work, no work

A black The Vampire Diaries shirt and a pair of pink floral shorts!

Loving that I’m back on Something Yshy!

To rest

Rest, money lol


My website dashboard and Facebook

Speaking of being back, I’m back on social media too! Add me up if you care! xx

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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