Well.. I’m feeling guilty now because I was supposed to continue going when I declared I’m back from the sudden hiatus due to my lost iPhone but I wasn’t able to sustain. The thing was, life’s gotten pretty boring. I can’t think of anything worth sharing, and my thoughts on a lot of things are quite fragmented — I could talk about my political views if I wanted a bang, you know Philippine politics is still so much on a high and that would probably give me high traffic but I don’t know the whole stories and honestly, I don’t have the time to catch up on every detail. I plan to though, when I’m settled.

Life’s gonna get pretty interesting at the right time, or should I say when I’m in the mood to share. LOL. For now, what I can give is the standard volume of TSC a.k.a. monotonous, plain and unexciting content.

I haven’t opened any paperback since. Nothing on the browser tabs too.

I just finished writing my talk points for a presentation tomorrow, and this volume, of course.

I Got it Bad and that Ain’t Good — lol I so need to wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow so I’m succumbing my ears to this playlist called “Musical Therapy”

Too many to mention!!!


That tomorrow will be over!! This month, actually.

For the days to come by quickly!

An old pambahay top and a pair of blue shorts


To sleep

Sleep, and money ’cause everything from the recent payday went to the banks!!


Spotify, Gmail and WordPress

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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