Location: Mt. Batolusong, Tanay, Rizal
Special thanks: The #WeCanWeekend Crew

The year-long inactivity of the We Can Weekend crew has come to an end, as we took out our backpacks once again. The comeback hike happened yesterday, at one of the many mountains situated in the nature-haven province of Rizal.

It was the ideal day hike itinerary — to reach the summit at 9 in the morning, start descent half an hour later and arriving back to the city by 2 in the afternoon were exciting and encouraging, but the gods of the mountains must have missed us for we had to go down at the Junction none of us had any idea of. We took the wrong route that caused the delay of our arrival to Tanay, not to mention our encounter with the worst traffic of the month where we got stuck and didn’t move for an hour and a half. What a blessing in disguise not being able to sleep the night before was, the whole time on the road was well spent for we were all heavily asleep.

We were surprised to have been greeted good morning by our lady tour guides, and the rain which began to pour the moment we started to trek. Some of us didn’t had a choice but to rent umbrellas and buy rain coats, while I settled for a plastic enough to serve as cover for my backpack because Ian was such a boy scout he brought a folding umbrella. Finally, ten minutes after 9, we were set to add a new record to our hike list.

The starting point is almost always the most challenging part, and Batolusong was no different. The first hour required big steps, which made me chase for my breath and involuntarily stretched my quads. All those fifteen-minute stop overs were savored with good gulps of water, of course.

We reached the peak by lunch time, and even though the travel going to didn’t turn out the way it should, we’re still giving ourselves two thumbs up for a competitive comeback!

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  1. Soooo glad you commented on my blog because it lead me to yours and it’s great! Love the photos! <3 I'm planning a lot more hikes this year, most of them in Tanay (climbing Daraitan this Feb!), so this is super inspiring ;)

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