I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been pretty good. Though I don’t recall anything as big as getting featured in a magazine unlike in 2014, or climbing a mountain unlike in 2015 (because the #WeCanWeekend Crew is now a group of pros and climbing is our new normal CHOZZ), it’s still a year that’s worth the review.

Free Travels

My new job’s giving me legit out of town business trips! Haha! Was able to go back to Cebu, Boracay (twice) and Davao this year all because of work! I even got to meet with my friends and relatives while on trip! Looking forward to going back to each of those provinces this 2017!

Lost my iPhone 6 Plus

This is making me sound like a loser, because I really lost something. Char! That phone was my life. And getting notified every time it’s updating its OS proves that it has a life of its own. Ugh. Also, paying for a postpaid plan with a phone that’s not physically present is like throwing money in the trash. August 2017 please come closer!

Got Back to Writing

Though it meant losing sleep for days and getting zits on my face for a couple of weeks, I’m thankful that I got to write for clients again! Hope to get a few more projects this year, hehezz


Okay, this is surrounded by a lot of details but I’m just gonna say career in general. A handful of career opportunities outside my current job came close but I’m still where I am so I guess that says about this being the right one for me at this point in time. Thankful to be with a small but really terrible team! Cheers!

The #WeCanWeekend Crew

Despite the fact that we didn’t climb for almost a year, we managed to reach two summits this fourth quarter! So proud of what our group has become! Hoping to upload more Instagram photos with these dudes!

The Wicked Stepsisters

Guess we’d never really get over the fact that we’re no longer working together and that we can only hug each other during scheduled dinner dates. But looking at the bright side, we can now travel as one without thinking of our tasks that will be left in the office! Love you so, my big sisters!

S & B Back Together

Remember that time when I was so annoyed with someone I didn’t name? Well I’m naming her now, and putting a face too! Lol. She was one of my best friends, and we obviously didn’t talk for about three-fourths of 2016 — all because of girl dramas! Haha! We were forced to meet up one evening of October because our best brother from the US came home and we had no choice but to be in the same dining table. So thankful we both exerted efforts to put follow-ups on that, and now we’re back to being the clingiest girlfriends again! You still and forever will be my bitch, S! Love yooouu!

The Ps are back, too

For the past three years, I’ve been feeling a little off about our family’s annual Christmas get-togethers. But this year, the feeling of not wanting the day to end has come back, and I’m really glad about it! I missed my cousin so much!

Eight years and counting

Oh wow, we made it here! From 2008 to 2016 real quick! Always thankful that I found my constant in this world full of inconstants! Looking forward to the year that’s about to come! It’s going to be our ninth year, too!

Happy New Year, everyone!

2017, expect me to try (operative word: try) consuming more pages of this year’s planner okay?

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10 replies on “2016: Year in Review

  1. Omg, I felt bad with the iPhone 6 Plus. It must be too painful every time you’re going to pay the bill. *sigh* How did that happen, though? And wow, relationship goals! 8 years! ❤ My boyf and I will turn 3 years this year and I hope it will happen. Hahaha! Happy new year!

    1. Lost it when I was fitting clothes inside a store then I realized I left my bag open or someone opened it or I must have left it inside the fitting room or whatever. But I can’t do anything about it anymore so I just laugh at it :p It’s just really annoying whenever Apple sends me an e-mail to let me know that the OS has been updated. Haha!

      Yes, 8 years! Just give room to do your own thing and make yourselves miss each other! :) It will happen, just have faith!

      Happy New Year, Ra! <3

  2. Grabe, nakakalungkot nga yung pagkawala ng phone mo, dhail binabayaran mo pa. Two of my friends were on the same situation! :( I was afraid because it might happen to me, since I am really clumsy and stuff so I’ve been really extra careful. Hope you could buy a new phone, and be more careful this time. :)

    Glad you’re able to smooth things out with your friends :) In the end, they’re still your friends, so kahit anong tampuhan maayos din hehe And congrats for 8 years! :)

    Wishing you a better 2017 ahead! :)

    1. Thanks Mel! Hassle na nagbabayad tapos nakalagay sa bill na iPhone 6 Plus pero hindi yun yung phone mo hahaha. Will be really careful next time!

      Hope you’ll have a wonderful year as well! :>

  3. Loving the new blog layout!

    Friendship between females is the most complicated thing out there! Usually starts with a something petty, no talking for so long and given the right circumstance, magiging okay din. Glad you were able to smooth things out with your friend. And congrats to your turning-9 relationship! :)

    Happy new year, Yshy! :)

    1. Yes, so true! We couldn’t even pinpoint the reason why we didn’t talk! Haha and then when we were sharing the instances when we got so annoyed at each other, we couldn’t help but laugh! One was because she saw me on one photo with a person she didn’t like and another one was because she didn’t reply to one of my messages! She did that on purpose though because she saw the photo! Hahaha. So funny!

      Happy New Year too, Trish! May you have a fulfilling year ahead! Kisses!

  4. Happy new year, Yshy!

    My cousin had the same thing when his phone was stolen. The worst thing is that he only had it for a month and he still have to pay for two years. Yikes!

    Wow, 8 years. Here’s to more years for you two! And glad you were able to smooth out your friendships. The longest I had not talking with a friend was a term in college because of a project, lol.

    1. Aww, mine was 8 months old when I lost it. Haha!

      Thanks so much Rich! Yeah, really funny that it was just because of petty girl dramas! Haha! Happy New Year, dear! Wishing you a great 2017!

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