Since I signed out of the agency life, the privilege of having holiday shutdowns were also taken from me. But almost half a decade of experiencing it made it hard for me to adjust and so now that I was able to serve one whole year in the new company, I undoubtedly allocated a portion of my leave entitlement to the holidays so I could still enjoy a “shutdown”. It’s the perfect time to do Christmas lunches and dinners, and so for this post, I’m going to share with you where my tummy toured around!

December 23

If you happened to visit this blog before, you’d probably know that Ian and I have this Christmas tradition of organizing our own Christmas Party — just the two of us, at a restaurant we’d mutually agree on. For this year, Ian had to go to work and render overtime so I visited him at Fort and had Christmas lunch instead. We’ve been wanting to try Sunnies Cafe, but it’s kind of out of the way during workdays so we grabbed this opportunity.

Pot roast short rib + Honey garlic crispy chicken + Spicy calamari @ Sunnies Cafe

Since Ian had to go back to the office, I then strolled around to buy more gifts while I waited for the time to pass. My college block mates and I also had our Christmas meet-up that night, at one of our college hangouts — Robinson’s Place Manila!

December 24

My family and I wanted a change of scene during Christmas Eve — just the four of us (Mama, Dianne, King and I) celebrating because Papa is on board the ship and isn’t going to be home until May — so we decided to visit one of our closest family friends and spent the day together instead. It was a whole day of laughs and stories of the past, which all of us kids of the matriarchs find really funny because both our moms never get tired of revisiting the old times!

December 25

This year’s Christmas gathering of the De Villa clan was all about real family bonding! Though none of our relatives from the other parts of the globe came home to physically celebrate with us, it still turned out to be a day to cherish. Everyone in Manila was present and us kids bonded like we used to! Missed our antics!

December 27

One of my best friends and I plotted the 27th as our day! It’s been a while since we got to spend time on our own, and nothing beats the feeling of sitting next to each other, taking the most maarte selfies while sipping on our cup of coffees and talking about people who need to get their own lives. Yep, on Christmas. Oh how I’ve missed you, S!

Slow roasted pork belly + Backyard burger @ Backyard Kitchen + Brew

December 28

The 28th was another day I anticipated because it was a night to be spent with my most favorite people in the corporate world, my former team mates a.k.a. the Wicked Stepsisters! Aaaahh, these people! I never really expected to find workmates who’d turn out to be family! I don’t know what I did to deserve such beautiful and smart people in my life, and I’m forever grateful that I’m your bunso! If only I could turn back time, our time together would probably be one of those that I’d love to rewind.

Seafood laksa + Mini elote mexicano + others not in photo @ Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Kaya close eh!
Matcha pistachio + Hot choco + Iced mocha @ Kandle Cafe

December 29

My high school friend Honey came home from Dubai, and what Christmas vacation is complete without having lunch with her? We were supposed to be with Katharina too, but she had to call off because personal reasons but we understood! I wouldn’t normally think of Southmall when choosing a place to hang out at most especially when it’s a reunion, but I was surprised to discover something new and it was awesome!

Triple cooked chicken wings + Lychee mint iced tea + Pad Thai + Green apple mint iced tea (not in photo) @ Buku-buku Kafe

How about you, how’s your holiday vacation going? Also, what do you think about my Christmas gift-wrap theme for this year?

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