Celebrated one of the most unconventional Christmas parties ever last week at Mt. Gulugod Baboy. The #WeCanWeekend crew is indeed back, and climbed with a twist! We decided to rent a van (shoutout to Kuya Cyril and assistant!) since the headcount was higher than usual, and well, we know better now — the peaks of the mountain are accessible to vehicles therefore you can reach the top without trekking at all! Well we did, but just because we needed to find a place to spend the night!

We arrived at around 5 PM, but the winds were strong and the sun set early which made it hard for us to set up our tents.

Once everyone has settled, the most delicious Mang Ado’s pork adobo has been served! Aaahhh, nothing compares!


After dinner, we had “Socials” for the sake of doing something, lelz. More like to feel that the camping is legit, actually.

It’s crazy how time was running slowly that we already finished two rounds of games and a bottle of Emperador yet it was still 10:30 in the evening when we checked our watches. Lights were out early, and we were able to sleep soundly. The only challenges were the cold wind that swayed our tents and the thick fog that always got in the way when looking for a spot to pee in the middle of the night. Hihi.

We were up by 5 the next morning and were supposed to walk around the summit to achieve our #instagoals but the weather was not really friendly. We headed back to sleep for a while and then the Breakfast Committee (myself included) started preparing the meal, while the others made the most out of our campsite and took photos!

More photos:

Rain was starting to pour heavily so we decided to pack up but it had not been easy! We weren’t in our hiking gears because we thought it was just gonna be a walk in the park. But because we were wrong, we were forced to mud skate in the middle of the foggy morning.

We started the trip back to Manila by 11, but traffic was insane!! Good thing our van driver was very efficient, we still had a smooth travel and arrived in Makati at 3!

It was a good trip all in all — Christmas party at the summit, hello?! Hehezz. Now the #WeCanWeekend crew might look into the possibility of organizing more campings in 2017! Join us?

Also sharing the contact details of our very trusty transport service provider during this trip:

Tourista Van For Hire
Call or text: 09276591062 / 09331430996

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