The Sinulog Festival happened once again, and to the Queen City of the South I went! It’s my third trip to Cebu and it’s still a work thing, but I gotta say I got to manage my time better this year coz I got to see my high school friends everyday the whole time I was there!

My office mates and I had lunch at Manna Su-tu-kil and went straight to our event venue for last minute coordination and preparations.

Pretzel drunk at Tom N Tom’s

Since I had the rest of the night for myself, I decided to visit my high school friends for dinner. I was hoping to see Nikki that night too but she has a day job so it turned out to be a solo catch-up with Diane. We met at their cutesy coffee shop — Crate Cafe (which is taking the internet by storm!!) — and tasted their Caramel Latte and I loved it!

Would’ve loved to take more photos but it was dark and according to Diane, it’s nice to take shots when the sun is up. I went back the next morning since Nikki’s going too! Too bad the weather was gloomy and rain started pouring so hard so our photo shoot didn’t really happen!

High school loves! <3

It was also the day of our event which was the reason why I flew in the first place! Everything was doing fine and it was a fun night if only we weren’t ordered to stop the party due to security reasons. Oh well, at least we know that Cebuanos really look forward to our visit every year!

Photo from Facebook, #etcpaintensity2017
Photo from Gela

Since our flight back to Manila was at 7PM the next day, I still had so much time to spend with Diane and Nikki!

Lunch at Phat Pho; Photo from Nikki

We then coffee hopped to Abaca, an upscale cafe which has really nice interiors! We totally enjoyed hanging out that we lost track of time!

Will definitely see you again, Cebu!

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