Location: Crate Cafe
Special thanks: Diane and Nikki

Though I never really got to do the “shoot” that I wanted due to the rainy weather, I still got to take few photos of the cutesy coffee shop that is Crate Cafe! I honestly looked forward to my Cebu trip this year because I knew I’d get to catch up with my high school friends again and finally get to visit their cafe!

I caught a glance of the shop last year when I was on my way to Tops but didn’t get to drop by because it has yet to open at the time. Today, almost a year after its launch, Crate Cafe has become one of the most talked about coffee shops on the internet.

Located at the (almost) middle of the mountain, the cafe is a good venue for your nature appreciation while sipping on a cup of really good coffee. An insider tip: the Caramel Latte is their best seller and definitely a must-try!

Crate Cafe
Veterans Drive, Lower Busay, Cebu City
+63 9951287466

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