Location: Balai Taal
Special thanks: The newly weds (Carl and Aura), LPFA College Barkada (Renz, Mark + Agnes, Manuel, Ian, Alex, Mily, Yen, Emman, Jaz)

The ninth of February has been memorable — aside from it being the exact date of our (Ian and I) 101th month, it’s also the day our good friends from college, Carl and Aura tied the knot after 12 years of being together!

The combination of modern and rustic elements were perfect for the intimate celebration, and Balai Taal was simply the right venue. The all white outfit requirement for the guests was very elegant which was complemented by the bridesmaids’ gowns in old rose and the groomsmen’s suspenders were too cute not to mention!

Family and friends shared tears of joy and good laughs throughout the whole gathering, and the beautiful Tagaytay sunset was witness to this beautiful moment.

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