It was supposed to be a long weekend of camping, swimming and a couple of bonfire nights. However, an unexplainable force draw our feet to Olongapo instead of Iba on Friday night and we weren’t able to set up our tents. I was expecting that my head would be resting on my backpack and my back would be laying on the sand after having a couple of beers while we listened to the acoustic band, but the night was capped off early with a few sticks of Olongapo street food and a liter and a half of Mountain Dew. That night would normally be tagged as “wasted” due to the unexpected change of plans, but having a taste of the little city wasn’t really bad, and grabbing fast food dinner rather than canned goods inside a tent was a sigh of relief for me. I mean, camping’s okay and I’ve had experiences but gahd if there’s a way to not camp, let’s not. Haha!

We pushed the trip to Iba the next morning after we had Buy 1 Take 1 burger and convenience store iced coffee. The travel time took more than an hour and for the first time in a while, a bus ride that didn’t make me sleep! The secret Spotify playlist I created for my ears only kept me company, and I gave myself a pat on the back for my good taste in music. LOL.

Finally, after a handful of wrong turns, we reached San Narciso! The tricycle ride that we needed to take was supposed to bring us to the famous Crystal Beach, but the wasted night made us rethink. Though I was looking forward to finally visit the picturesque Crystal Beach, the initial information we got was more than enough to go for Zambawood instead.

We stayed at the then Zambawood Cafe which is now known as Julyan’s Surf BnB

After lunch and settling down, we finally headed out to explore! And holy smokes, detouring was the best decision we’ve ever made that weekend! Well, I really have a thing with woods and this place — out of the many forests I’ve been to due to our hikes, has got to have the best aesthetic! You know, those woods that you see in foreign music videos. Haha!


And that was just in the woods! I was being all giddy taking photos of every beautiful thing when I saw the beach and got more excited. Little did I know that there was an herd of cows (as in 10-15 cows) feeding on hays that I needed to get past through to get to the side of the beach! The baby cow looked at me and headed towards my direction, and that’s when I realized I needed to run! I was still having an adrenaline rush and in the process of calming my nerves when these dawned on me:

Aaahhh, so pretty!! And oh, there goes the cow!

We would’ve stayed for a few more minutes but the sun’s starting to set and we wouldn’t be able to swim if we didn’t start walking back!

Saltwater in my hair <3

First order of business the next day was to take a look at the Crystal Beach! It was as cool as it is in photos, but it’s pretty crowded and it made me even more thankful that the force was stronger in Zamba! Nevertheless, it was still worth my phone memory and I’m still glad that we dropped by!

The resort was really beautiful and has a lot of elements that, as any social media addict would say, “IG worthy!!” But there’s really a difference in terms of vibe and I like Zamba better, or maybe because I just recently came from Baler (surfing hits), there was just too many people and I was feeling anti-social at that time? Hmm, probably.

We had breakfast and continued the morning walk inside Zambawood since we figured we were still missing out on a few more awesome spots. And, we were right!

And there you have it, the most sosyal kakahuyan I’ve been to by far!! I’m really really happy our feet led us here because it’s such a haven! And yes, you can totally tell that the current profile photos on my social media accounts were taken here. I’ve yet to fix my headshots within this blog and you can also guess that I’m gonna get them from this photo set! Haha!

Prepare for a photo dump on my Instagram account as well, lelz.

Can’t wait to go back and explore more because apparently, we missed the bridge and the farm! We know better now so we’ll make sure that the first night will no longer be wasted!

Thank you San Narciso, you were awesome!

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  1. WOW! Your photos are soooooo amazing! I was in Zambales myself last week, in Palauig. Writing a blog entry on it now, actually! ;) I’m looking to go back to Zambales for the Independence Day long weekend coming up in June and this post gave me some great ideas.

    1. Oh wow, how was Palauig? Zambales has a lot of nice beaches – heard San Felipe is a good surfing spot but I haven’t been there yet! Thank you so much for dropping by and for the appreciation <3

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