Location: Baguio City
Special thanks: The Wicked Stepsisters (Warren, Twody, Mina and Ysh), Perk, Alexis, Arlene, Russel and Kuya Jun

The annual trip to the City of Pines with the Wicked Stepsisters pushed through last month, and it was so fun with a few of our friends along! It was a 3D2N trip, thanks to one of the long weekends brought about by the national holidays in August. Since we’re no longer longing for museums and parks, the trip mostly comprised of food tripping and food tripping alone. (Okay, I think I’ll use the word “trip” a lot in this post.)

We’re finally able to visit some of the restaurants we skipped last year and I’m glad that we did! Everyone loved Foggy Mountain Cookhouse, which was seriously worth the bucks! Being the ultimate chicken lover that I am, my most favorite dish was the Oven Roasted Chicken! The Crispy Squid Fries was also a surprise, for I’ve never tasted any similar squid dish. The Chicken Parmesan Pie was also really good but I wasn’t able to take a photo because everyone was busy devouring the pot. Lol. Chef Babes was a very welcoming host, and he made sure to strike conversations with each of his guests! I also personally liked Arca’s Yard — aside from it being Instagram-worthy, it’s also really cozy! It was a perfect spot to chill for rain was pouring heavily at the time of our visit and their Benguet coffee kept us warm.

Another favorite of mine from this trip was the home we stayed in — spacious enough for the seven of us, and the interiors? Simple and modern! I loved how complete the facilities were yet clean and warm to the eyes! The bed and pillows were soft, and the linens were as white as how I wanted my Instagram feed to be! Lol. (See how I needed to do that flatlay?)

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