Location: Sheridan, Mandaluyong
Special thanks: Ian, Ysa and Earl of The #WeCanWeekend Crew

I had a hard time thinking of where this post would be filed under, but one thing’s for sure, I enjoyed my visit here. For a Southerner, going to Mandaluyong on a weekend is such a chore, even if it’s already part of my weekday routine. Glad I gave in to my friends’ invite though, because the neighborhood did not make me feel like I’m almost at the same area.

There was a sense of intimidation the moment I stepped onto the showroom, but after a few minutes of observation and letting the vibe get into me, I felt relaxed. The unique pieces on display were so warm to the eyes, I felt inspired to work my ass off further and save for real. For real. FOR REAL. Gahd, I seriously need to do something about my lack of financial consciousness!

On another note, Caffeined, a coffee joint, is inside the showroom itself! I tried their version of my staple drink that is the Iced Mocha, and I loved it! It had the right amount of kick that I look for in every cup/glass of Joe, plus it looked so photogenic. Lol.

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