Location: Boracay, Philippines
Special thanks: Air Asia Philippines, Alta Vista de Boracay

For the fourth time this year, I flew to Boracay and finally, after a long while, it was for a legit vacation. I almost forgot what Puka Beach looks like, so we made sure to set foot on its semi-tan, semi-pinkish sand as first order of business. Our hotel was ten minutes away from the beach which was perfect for our desired itinerary. I was looking forward to sipping a glass of mango juice while chilling by the shore but the cheapest costs PHP250 which was totally unreasonable. Even if I knew my Instagram feed would look better with it, it was not worth it. Maturity! Huh.

Of course, dropping by White Beach was still part of our to-dos though I’m so, so, used to it. It’s becoming my work station two-three times a year, but I ain’t complaining! It honestly gave me a different vibe for Mister Sun didn’t show up and I was kind of upset — I mean, how could he not share the beautiful sunset at that moment when I didn’t come for work? Little did we know that a tropical storm was apparently lurking around the Philippine area of responsibility at the time of our visit. Lol.

I then started to regret about not going to Spider House when the sun was still being fair but then again, how could we know? Still risked it though we had a feeling that the waves were hitting the shore hard and we weren’t wrong! The sky was dark, and full of terrors. I was feeling a bit panicky for the structure was mostly made out of woods, at the same time amazed at how firm it was built. Poseidon seemed really angry, man.

P.S. — I just realized I never got to post about this year’s Laboracay experience (just like last year’s) again but I guess it’s that good?? Or bad. LOLWHATEVER.

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