On the table: Valrhona Mocha, Salted Caramel Latte and Pulled Pork Sandwich
Location: 2F, C3 Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City

I was trying to clean up my phone memory earlier today and though I’ve initially planned to post all these coffee shops I’ve been visiting lately, I never really got the chance to. So when I was transferring my files (which was effort, by the way), I knew that the day has come!

I’ve always found coffee shop hopping therapeutic, though at this moment I can’t decide whether the last visits were really intended to satisfy my caffeine cravings or to just merely do it for the ‘gram. I mean, I know I’m guilty as charged! Instagram is a platform I truly love and admittedly, consciously or unconsciously, it’s influencing my habits.

Anyway, since I’m one who likes to flood my phone with a lot of safety shots that it gets so hard to choose which one to post, I decided to extend my Instagram posts tagged as #CoffeeCrawl to here! I no longer have to feel bad for the shots that won’t make it on the feed, plus I’d be able to give the cafe the appreciation I feel it truly deserves. Hah!

For this post, what I have on the photos above are stuff from Single Origin. It was our first time so we had to ask the barista which their best-sellers are and he mentioned Valrhona Mocha and Salted Caramel Latte. Ian got the former while I got the latter. I was personally excited for my order as the barista was highly vouching for it, and true enough, it was gooood. I couldn’t help pinching the salt from the lid of the glass as if I was sipping on a margarita. I got to taste the Valrhona Mocha as well, which I liked too. I can’t provide more description because this post was supposedly due last month and yeah, I forgot why I’m saying I liked it. LOL. The Pulled Pork Sandwich on the other hand, I can remember it clearly — the meat was a combination of sweet and salty — which was really good. I am certain I told myself I won’t be getting anything for dinner because I came from our planning at work and Ian was hungry so he got the sandwich and I told him I’d just take a bite and guess what, we ended up dividing it into half!! HAHAHA!!

Anyway, segment title is still subject to change — I still can’t decide which Instagram hashtag should I adapt:

Coffee Crawl

Coffee Scout

Cup in a Frame

How I See My Coffee

Coffee Shop Corners


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