Starhill Gallery; Suria KLCC

*Not included here are the products I bought for my girlfriends and momma.

1 – Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer, 103 MYR. Been looking for a reliable concealer since I have dark spots — post-acne scars — that I’ve always wanted to eliminate but I’m too lazy to take action lol. The salesgirl told me that it’s one of their best-sellers, their top of mind product actually, when it comes to concealers. Well aside from me being easy to sales talk, she sounded credible as she’s not one with porcelain skin but I can tell by the way she made up her face that the product works. Also, how she applied the product on me (I agreed to have it tested because I thought there was nothing to lose plus I was in a foreign country and no one knew me there lol), it seemed like she really knows what she does.

2 – Sephora Collection 8-HR Mattifying Compact Foundation in Shade 24 Vanilla, 50 MYR. Wasn’t really planning to get myself a powder or a blush because I was trying to control myself lol. But three consecutive days of going in and out of every Sephora store we’d come across to was total torture so in the end I lost the game. Just told myself that I’m such a good girlfriend and daughter for getting them presents first and because of that I deserve a reward(s)..

3 – Sephora Collection Colorful Matte Blush in Shame On You! N01, 60 MYR. Well this one, upon seeing the shade from afar instantly got me. Though it’s 10 MYR more expensive than the mattifying powder, it felt like I won the jackpot. The old-rosy shade’s perfect for my type of pink. Plus, it’s matte. I love mattes.

4 – Fresh Rose Floral Toner, 70 MYR. Although I’m fond of hoarding products — as in, I find joy in stocking them up on my shelf, I suck at skin care. Like ugh, I just can’t seem to gather my strength and do the goddamn routine religiously. Taking the next step is hard for me also because I’m not quite sure which product works for me but I guess I’ll never know unless I try. Thank god for reviews and such (and for helpful girlfriends – looking at ya, Myx!), I’m planning to take a shot at this routine thing once again! Right now most of the bottles you see on top remain unopened but I hope I win over my laziness soon lolwtf. Why this one, well how could I not be enticed, the bottle’s so dainty it’s so true to it’s name! It’s yelling rose petals and dew drops which led me to the cashier l o l

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