My mind can’t keep still most of the time, probably the reason why I love writing and all of its forms. I like to keep everything that pops out of my head, hence, the birth of this blog (and a handful of other blogs already set to private, dating as far as 2005).

I was born in the ’90s, and I belong to the Gemini-Cancer cusp. Although in majority of horoscope publishes, my sign is Cancer. When I was little, I used to prefer being a Gemini because the thought of having the word Cancer cling into my being terrified me. I like being Cancer now, though.

I’m pre-occupied with a lot of things: music, food, places, movies, series, books, photography and many more. I like to color my nails, and I adore Filipino time. I like young adult fiction, and paper makes me happy! I love coffee shops, Indiecurrent & Majestic Casual, and I’m obsessed with all things New York! My dream is to set foot on 5th Avenue someday, and live a simple but meaningful life.