Something Yshy is a blog by Yshy, a twenty-something millenial building her career in media and advertising while sustaining her love for journals, travel and photography. She likes keeping herself inspired and she hopes to somehow inspire people too, in one way or another.


San Narciso, Zambales, Philippines, 2017

My mind can’t keep still most of the time, probably the reason why I love writing and all of its forms. I like to keep everything that pops out of my head, hence, the birth of this blog (and a handful of other blogs already set to private, dating as far as 2005).

I was born in the ’90s, and I belong to the Gemini-Cancer cusp. Although in majority of horoscope publishes, my sign is Cancer. When I was little, I used to prefer being a Gemini because the thought of having the word Cancer cling into my being terrified me. I like being Cancer now, though.

I’m pre-occupied with a lot of things: music, food, places, movies, series, books, photography and many more. I like to color my nails, and I adore Filipino time. I like young adult fiction, and paper makes me happy! I love coffee shops, Indiecurrent & Majestic Casual, and I’m obsessed with all things New York!

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