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Happy Kadayawan!

Hello from my bed on a Monday evening! I’m usually still outside by this hour of every weekday but I didn’t go to work today because I just came home from an eventful weekend! My office mates and I flew to Davao for Kadayawan, but it was a work thing like Sinulog but still, free travel — which wasn’t bad at all! It also explains why there wasn’t a new TSC post published yesterday and I feel bad because I previously said I’m back…

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 59


Aaaahh, the feeling of logging in to my website dashboard and actually hitting the “New” button almost feel so foreign to me! You know, being away for a quarter — being suddenly away for a quarter — kind of changed my weekend habits. Although, I’m still your average lola twenty-something. Except in the past week because as we all know, Pokemon Go finally launched in the Philippines and everyone’s suddenly moving! Okay so what happened was, well, I basically lost…

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Journal Personal

Lent Reflections


Lent, when I was a kid would mean not being able to watch my favorite TV programs because networks customize their programming schedules to make way for religious content (that sounded like a media presentation, ugggh), and not being able to go outside because mother’s orders (well even if it wasn’t Lent I wasn’t really allowed to), etc., etc. Fast forward to today, I never thought I’d actually say that I miss those days. And I call it good, the good…

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 58


Aaaahhh, what a week that was! I can’t believe everything that I did these past few days happened in just a span of one week, and though it all went by so fast, I’m beyond ecstatic! Thank You Lord for the wonderful blessings! This was the first Holy Week that I spent busily and away from home, not to mention the first Easter egg hunt that I witnessed, ever! The featured photo above was taken at The Jungle Eggspedition (so…

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Photography Travel

Holy Week in Boracay


Location: Boracay Island, Philippines Special thanks: Solar Entertainment Marketing and Events Team (Mella, Nika, Ron, Anna, Kate and Pau) On Holy Monday, I flew to Boracay for work. While it would’ve been nice to visit the island for pure vacation, a free travel wasn’t so bad. It was my first time to be away from my family during Holy Week, and to spend it with office mates. So we met with a handful of hotel owners in Station 2 to secure…

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The Block Party Wanderlust


Location: Ayala Alabang Country Club Special thanks: Trisha Garcia of Zomato, my sibs (Dianne and King), Michael and Joyce Last weekend, I received an e-mail invite for The Block Party’s fourth installment (Wanderlust). I’ve been wanting to drop by the fair since its first leg but I never really had the chance due to busy schedules. I almost didn’t make it for this one too because it’s been a busy week at work and I even had to take home…

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