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Lent Reflections


Lent, when I was a kid would mean not being able to watch my favorite TV programs because networks customize their programming schedules to make way for religious content (that sounded like a media presentation, ugggh), and not being able to go outside because mother’s orders (well even if it wasn’t Lent I wasn’t really allowed to), etc., etc. Fast forward to today, I never thought I’d actually say that I miss those days. And I call it good, the good…

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 58


Aaaahhh, what a week that was! I can’t believe everything that I did these past few days happened in just a span of one week, and though it all went by so fast, I’m beyond ecstatic! Thank You Lord for the wonderful blessings! This was the first Holy Week that I spent busily and away from home, not to mention the first Easter egg hunt that I witnessed, ever! The featured photo above was taken at The Jungle Eggspedition (so…

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Photography Travel

Holy Week in Boracay


Location: Boracay Island, Philippines Special thanks: Solar Entertainment Marketing and Events Team (Mella, Nika, Ron, Anna, Kate and Pau) On Holy Monday, I flew to Boracay for work. While it would’ve been nice to visit the island for pure vacation, a free travel wasn’t so bad. It was my first time to be away from my family during Holy Week, and to spend it with office mates. So we met with a handful of hotel owners in Station 2 to secure…

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The Block Party Wanderlust


Location: Ayala Alabang Country Club Special thanks: Trisha Garcia of Zomato, my sibs (Dianne and King), Michael and Joyce Last weekend, I received an e-mail invite for The Block Party’s fourth installment (Wanderlust). I’ve been wanting to drop by the fair since its first leg but I never really had the chance due to busy schedules. I almost didn’t make it for this one too because it’s been a busy week at work and I even had to take home…

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On Spotlight: Paola Franqui

New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down. I’m at this point in my life where I’m itching to set foot to the City of Dreams already but I don’t know how. I wish it’s as easy as a pie, but I don’t even know how to cook, to switch on the stove even. Thank God for the internet though, I can virtually tour around the city whenever I feel like it. I may not be able to set foot on…

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 57

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I’m technically late to do a TSC entry (it’s 1AM of Monday already) but I’m still dealing with problems related to work now — now, as I type this on my bed — because yes, it has been a working weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. We had an activation in Megamall yesterday and in Eastwood today, and everything went fine, except that tonight at 11:30 (I was still on my way home from a meet-up with a friend), I received…

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